Physical and Emotional Intimacy Are Key Ingredients to Successful Relationships

Whether you cohabitate with your special someone or you are married, intimacy plays a vital role in healthy and successful relationships. Both physical and emotional intimacy must be present if you want your relationship to thrive and last. When either

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Could You Benefit from Psychotherapy in Toronto?

When you think about counselling, therapy and seeing a licensed psychotherapist, you might think this is only for people who are severely depressed, overcoming addictions, or for couple with marital problems attempting to save their marriage and avoid divorce. However,

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Toronto Psychotherapist Discusses 7 Potential Signs of Social Media Addictions

Addictions are serious problems which can affect our personal relationships. They can take over our lives to the point where they become the most important aspect. To overcome an addiction, first you need to admit you have a problem. The

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Signs that Could Indicate Depression Requiring Help from a Toronto Therapist

Our bodies provide us with a wide range of signals and queues to let us know when something is wrong from running a fever when we are sick to changes in our sleeping patterns and more. Understanding these signals can

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Post-Holiday Blues Could Lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder

The holiday season is winding down and before you know it all those beautiful decorations will be taken down and stored away until next year. All of the anticipation and excitement of the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve celebrations

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Surviving the Holidays after the Loss of a Loved One

For most people, the holidays are time of joy, excitement, and fun spending time with loved ones and sharing in family traditions. For other people, who recently experienced the loss of a loved one, celebrating the holidays can be a

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Should Sexual Fantasies Be Shared With Your Partner?

Deciding whether to share your sexual fantasies with your partner is an important decision each person needs to make for themselves. In some cases, sharing the details can help strengthen your relationship and increase the level of intimacy both people

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Learn to Recognize When Your Spouse Is Having Difficulties

There are often many early warning signs that people tend to overlook and ignore when they are married. They might make excuses for certain behaviours their spouse commits and not realize there is a much bigger problem brewing beneath the

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Psychotherapy Can Help Young Adults in Toronto with Depression

With a new school term fast approaching, there are many college and university students, who will be depressed. In many cases this is not simply because they have to go back to school. There are many young adults today who

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Social Media and Teenagers: What Every Parent Should Know

In the past, teens developed friendships and relationships in person and over the telephone. There was no Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other such social media sites, let alone smartphones.With the advance to technology, teenagers today have access to more technology

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