Dealing with a Partner That Doesn’t Respond Well to Conflict

Not everyone is “wired” to be able to respond to conflict when it arises in relationships. Conflict is perfectly normal when two people decide to make a commitment to a relationship at any stage. Even couples that have been married

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A Smartphone Addiction Could Ruin Your Marriage

Smartphone addictions are becoming more prevalent with younger generations. The addictive patterns are very similar to other addictive behaviours, such as alcohol, drugs, or even pornography. Unfortunately, many couples are discovering when one or both people are addicted to their

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Can Marriage Counselling Save My Marriage?

When a couple is newly married, the last thing on their mind are the possibility of marital problems, arguments, disagreements, and other such issues. Rather, they are happy, deeply in love, and looking forward to spending the rest of their

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Winter Depression: Why Your Mood May Not Be SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is an actual form of winter depression some people experience. It is normally related to how they perceive the colder temperatures, overcast and cloudy days, and less daylight. Before you assume you have SAD, it is

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Get Help Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions with Professional Counselling

Every New Year, people reflect about the previous year and areas in their life they want to improve. To help make these improvements, we make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Common resolutions people will make include: Losing Weight Exercising

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Porn Addiction: Questions You Are Afraid or Uncomfortable Asking

The number of adults, both male and female, who are developing porn addictions has increased in recent years. Part of the reason for the increase is due to the prevalence and ease of access to pornographic content via the Internet.

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Teen Sexting: What Parents Need to Know

Over the past decade, sexting has grown in usage. Not only do you hear about the accident slip-ups by politicians and celebrities caught sending pornographic selfies, but an increase in cases with tweens and teens. For most parents, they have

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How Premarital Counselling Benefits Couples Before They Get Married

Divorce rates are higher than ever today. Part of the reason for the increase in divorce rates is because many of these couples did not take time out to get premarital counselling. They were too busy planning their wedding, had

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Top Objections to Counselling & Why People Are Afraid to Seek Help

There can be many different reasons why people object to counselling and are afraid to seek help even when it can be beneficial for them. Let’s take a look at some of these objections. Counselling is only for the weak-minded

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Developing Constructive Conversation to Address Disagreements

If you are like other married or cohabitating couples, chances are you and your loved one have had a disagreement or argument at some point. How you and your spouse communicated during the argument says a lot about your ability

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