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6 Tips for Reducing Stress from Working at Home

6 Tips for Reducing Stress from Working at Home

Working from home may have sounded great when your employer recommended it due to the global pandemic. Yet, with many families stuck working from home and children attending school virtually, it can create added stress since you are stuck with your family 24/7.

You do not get that break you used to of being able to leave the home, go to work, hang out with work friends, and then see your family in the evening. Instead, there are interruptions when your partner has a question, or your kids need help.

Tip #1: Stake out your home office.

Have a dedicated space where you can go to work. Inform your partner and children that they need to treat this space just like you left the house and were in your office. Unless they have an urgent matter, they need to respect your workspace.

Tip #2: Stay in contact with your work friends.

If you have work friends you socialized with at lunchtime, work-related functions, etc., make sure to continue those relationships. Schedule a daily Zoom lunch gathering, so you and your friends can visit while you eat lunch.

Tip #3: Remember to take breaks and move around.

Just because you are working at home, does not mean you have to give up breaks. Make a point to get up and move around, stretch, go get coffee or tea, just like you were at work normally. If you went for walks on your break, do the same, and walk around the block for some much-needed fresh air.

Tip #4: Liven up your home office.

Repaint the walls in your workspace a different colour. Hang up pictures on the walls. Put pictures of your family on your desk. Essentially, you want to create an office space at home that makes you feel comfortable and feels like an office to get out of the mindset you are still at home.

Tip #5: Get in your car and drive to work.

If you are having problems getting up, treat working at home like going to the office. Some people have found that getting up, and sticking to their normal routine, like going through a drive-thru to get coffee or breakfast, helps alleviate some of the stresses from working at home.

Tip #6: Leave work at work.

One bad habit some people are starting to develop is spending more time working since they have access from at home. Doing so can increase your stress levels because all it seems like you are doing is working. Rather, stick to your normal work schedule. When it is time for you to “go home,” close up your office and walk away until tomorrow.

By using these tips, working from home will be less stressful. If you are finding it difficult to adjust or need someone to talk to outside of your family or co-workers, speaking to a counsellor can be a great outlet to reduce stress.

To schedule a consultation or to learn more about how counselling can help alleviate stress, please feel free to contact Toronto couple & marriage counsellorEllen Starr at 416-488-3102 today!

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