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After Divorce Counselling Helps You Rebuild Your Life

After Divorce Counselling Helps You Rebuild Your Life

After going through a divorce, individual counselling in Toronto can help you rebuild your new life on your own. Oftentimes, the process of divorce can leave one feeling abandoned, alone, hurt, angry, frustrated, and a range of other such emotions. Depression is also sometimes a side effect divorcees will experience.

Even though divorce is prevalent and a part of our society, for most people, when the say their “I do’s” they fully intend to honour their marriage vows and remain committed to their spouse until one of them passes away. Unfortunately, life happens and things do not always go as we plan.

Reasons People Get Divorced

For the most part, irreconcilable differences are normally the reasons most people get divorced. They have reached a point in their marriage where they are constantly arguing, no longer getting along, and cannot agree on anything as a couple.

After Divorce Counselling Helps You Rebuild Your Life

Another reasons some people get divorced is because they or their spouse may discover feelings for someone outside of the marriage they want to explore further, resulting in cheating. In the end, the affair ends up destroying their marriage.

In some cases, you and your spouse could simply fall out of love with one another. It does happen in situations where one or both spouses are constantly working, have little time to spend together, and are basically already living separate lives.

Marriage counselling could help with many types of problems, so long as both people want to save their marriage. But, this is not always the case, if one person isr at the point they want to get divorced so they can get on with their life.

Recovering from Divorce

Whether you divorce was amicable – where you and your ex-spouse were agreeable and worked together to create the divorce agreement – or contentious – where you and your ex-spouse fought throughout the creation of the divorce agreement or had to get the courts involved to make decisions – once finalized, it can be challenging for some people to start living their new lives.

You could still have feelings for your ex-spouse and are not sure how to get over these. Coming to terms with the end of your marriage is important in order for you to be able to develop healthy and new relationships in the future.

Some people have unresolved issues in regards to how their ex-spouse treated them during the marriage. These issues, if left “as-is” could continue to affect self-esteem, motivation, and other aspects to building a new life on your own.

For both of these types of situations, as well as others, counselling can and does help. Counselling sessions are based on your own personal goals and objectives, including career changes, adjusting to being a single parent, adjusting to only having your kids every other weekend, and other such changes as a result of your divorce. If you have questions about counselling and how it can help you after your divorce, please feel free to contact me, Ellen Starr at (416) 488-3102 today!

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Marc (August 2013, 5 stars)

I’ve been seeing Ellen since 2009 and the experience has been incredibly valuable. I first came to her because I had a lot of doubts about a relationship in. She helped me through a big break up and the rebound afterwards. We even maintained our sessions for a number of years afterwards. Because of her I’m much more in tune with my emotions and needs. I highly recommend her services for anyway with relationship and intimacy difficulties

April 6, 2016

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