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Full-Life Technologies Announces Issuance of 225Ac-FL-020 IND Application for…

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Heidelberg, Germany, (ots/PRNewswire)

Full-Life Technologies (Full-Life), a fully integrated global radiotherapy company, today announced that it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its novel drug discovery (IND) studies for 225Ac-FL – 020, the PSMA-targeted radiopharmaceutical for the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). The company plans to start medical trials in the US and globally in 2024.

225Ac-FL-020 uses a targeted alpha radiation agent that selectively attacks most cancer cells and reduces damage to healthy tissue. Preclinically, radiolabeled FL-020 confirmed a promising in vivo biodistribution profile with excessive and chronic tumors and rapid systemic clearance. 225Ac-FL-020 confirmed robust antitumor activity in LNCaP xenograft mice and a good security profile. The upcoming Phase I medical study will investigate the protection, tolerability and anti-tumor exercises of 225Ac-FL-020 and lay the foundation for additional medical improvement with the goal of creating 225Ac-FL-020 as an essential therapy for patients with diabetes. mCRPC.

“The approval of the IND software is a milestone in our improvement program for 225Ac-FL-020,” said Steffen Heeger, MD, M.Sc., Chief Medical Officer of Full-Life. “This essential step underlines our overall commitment to the potential of radiopharmaceutical therapy and highlights the importance of staff effort, dedication and multidisciplinary collaboration. We are pleased to initiate a Phase I medical program, which provides the primary alternative for generating knowledge on safety and antitumor activity. of 225Ac-FL-020 in humans.”

About 225Ac-FL-020 225Ac-FL-020 is a new, undoubtedly best-in-class, next-generation radionuclide conjugate (RDC) drug that could enter global Phase 1 medical trials in 2024. Focusing on vectors, the FL-020 was developed using Full-Life’s proprietary UniRDC™ platform, which dramatically improves tumor drug discovery while ensuring rapid systemic clearance. Preclinically, 225Ac-FL-020 demonstrated potent antitumor activity and a good safety profile.

Information about Full-Life Technologies Full-Life Technologies (“Full-Life”) is a fully integrated global radiotherapy company with offices in Belgium, Germany and China. Our mission is to understand the entire value chain of radiopharmaceutical analysis and improvement, production and gross sales, delivering the clinic. benefits for patients The company plans to defeat the core problems of radiopharmaceuticals with progressive analyzes focused on future therapies. We are a group of dynamic entrepreneurs and scientists with a proven track record in life sciences and radioisotope analysis and medical improvement.

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