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Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed’s quotes about leaving Hollywood for a farm

By Vaseline May30,2024

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed quotes about leaving Hollywood behind
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Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed stand by their decision to move their family from Hollywood to a farm.

The couple started dating in 2014 and got engaged just six months later. Two years after their wedding in 2015, Somerhalder and Reed expanded their family with daughter Bodhi. After becoming a mother, Reed suggested that she and Somerhalder move away from Hollywood.

“To be completely transparent about it, I really didn’t want to be in the public eye anymore,” says Reed, who became famous for roles in films such as Thirteen And Twilighttold Santa Barbara Magazine in 2022. “California has the ability to offer seclusion, but you can also be within driving distance of these major cities in no time.”

Reed, who welcomed a son with Somerhalder in June 2023, discussed the couple’s shared love of animals and sustainability efforts. Their rural home had rain barrels that collected excess water and hydroponic vegetable gardens. In addition to composting, Reed noted that she drinks water from her own well when possible and has chosen not to own a car. The actress said she prefers hand-me-downs as gifts for her daughter and recycles their clothes.

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“If I could tell you my dream,” she added at the time, “it would be to achieve total food autonomy, to be disconnected from a supermarket, from city water, from anything like that – to be able to live without of any system. So you know, we’re not far off from that.”

Somerhalder has also opened up about his preference for living on a farm.

“(I love) walking around the farm with kids, dogs and family,” says the actor, known for his role as Damon Salvatore The diary of vampirestold E! in November 2023. “Every stop you pull out of trees or bushes, come out of the ground and feed everyone as you walk through the farm.”

Scroll on for Somerhalder and Reed’s quotes about choosing the countryside over their careers as actors in Hollywood:

Making memories

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed quotes about leaving Hollywood behind
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“Part of what we really focus on as a household is the idea of ​​really being connected to nature,” Reed said We weekly at the second annual Environmental Media Association Honors Benefit Gala in September 2019. “My dream would be for (our daughter) to become a farmer.”

Start something new

During a May 2022 interview, Reed reflected on her love of the outdoors, tellingly People, “Nature is the best form of therapy. And it is immediately noticeable: you don’t have to spend six months in nature before you feel it. Go for a walk and release endorphins. Look at a tree instead of the blue light on your phone. All our souls need a dose of that kind of medicine.”

Reed confirmed that her life on the farm inspired a step back from acting.

“It was a very scary turn for me to leave the only career I had ever known, in which I had worked since I was 13, to try something new,” she added. “But I learned a lot about what is important to me. A lot of things that come with a Hollywood lifestyle don’t synergize with the priorities I have in my life right now and the people I want to surround myself with.”

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Finding joy in their new home

That same month, Somerhalder pointed out that his and Reed’s move to the country was a long time coming for them.

“At the end of the day, we are farming people. Our cars and our boots are covered in dust, horsehair and tack – and we love it. The life we ​​have lived in the entertainment industry and the life we ​​are creating are vastly different,” he said New beauty. “The life we ​​thrive in and the life we ​​want to create for our daughter is one of peace, tranquility and nature. Or at least a nice balance. When mom and dad have to work in the city, the family makes living in the city fun.”

Somerhalder admitted that the duo needed a break from Hollywood after years of fighting.

“I’ve been on the road since I was 16, just like my wife. I think we have both always longed to live off the land, in a place that is our land – and that is exactly what we set out to do and we are doing it,” he concluded. “Our shared love for this life brings us closer together every day and together we build a regenerative and peaceful farm life.”

A new view

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed quotes about leaving Hollywood behind
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According to Somerhalder, choosing a quieter life allowed him and Reed to implement more sustainable efforts.

“(It was) magic. It really is the way it should always have been,” he said People in August 2022. “I think now you see a lot of people who worked in corporate offices, and you can now see it from a societal perspective. People are having a very difficult time going back to work. People have realized that their time and the value of their time and the value proposition of time has shifted a little bit. Be more involved, be out more, spend more time together.”

The actor said that despite his successful acting career, he did not “plan to stay on screen for a long time.”

“I think the pandemic has shown us that moments matter. Birthdays are important. Vacation is important. These small, detailed moments together really matter,” he added. “And that’s why Nikki and I feel that this rural or even urban/rural lifestyle – which I think a lot of people are getting into, whether it’s permaculture, building food forests – is past the point where we just think that we are going to stop all this by not using plastic straws and driving electric.”

Their new normal

“I’m an aspiring farmer – literally. I wish I could give up everything to live in nature with the animals. I’m kind of pulled between two worlds, which is the life of an insanely busy businesswoman, and then someone who really wants to create that quiet time,” Reed told New Beauty in January 2023.” Animals and nature are my peace. That’s where I come into my own. … Right now, raising babies is the most important thing to me.”

No regrets

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed quotes about leaving Hollywood behind
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After hinting at his departure from acting, Somerhalder elaborated on the benefits E! News in January 2023: “I’ve loved what I’ve done for a long time. I love making films, I’ve just done it for so long. We’ve had a great run. But this is our 2.0 version, which is about to become the 3.0 version.”

A day of hard work

Quotes from Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed about leaving Hollywood for a farm life

Nikki Reed. Frazer Harrison/WireImage

“I start my days at 5 a.m. and I usually finish them around midnight,” Reed shared exclusively Us in May 2024, revealing that the couple grows “more than 40 different types of fruits and vegetables” on their land. “It really is full-time and full-time,” she says.

Reed confessed, “I don’t have a lot of time for myself right now. That is all right. That will happen one day, but I work full time. I work at least five days a week, but sometimes six or seven.”

Working in the fields is exactly what the actress wants her children to remember about her. “I think it’s great for little people to see a mother who is ambitious, who works and who is still available 24/7,” Reed added. “I work and raise babies at the same time and try to do it all as best I can. And I’m in it now and it’s great.”

No ‘Pull’ Back to Hollywood

Quotes from Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed about leaving Hollywood for a farm life

Nikki Reed. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“I am truly creatively fulfilled in the art I create,” Reed shared exclusively Us that same month, noting that she feels no “pull” to return to acting. “Sometimes I feel more like an artist, because of all the hats I wear now.”

She admitted that the “door is not closed at all” on Hollywood, noting that it only took the right project to get her back into that space.

“It would probably come in the form of going back to my writing roots and where I started in this business, which was with 13Reed said, referring to the 2003 film she co-wrote and starred in to launch her career. “(It has to be) very personal and very meaningful and very intentional.”

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