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‘Have you no shame? They’re fighting for life and you want to convert them?’ Thanjavur BJP functionary thwarts illegal conversion at Kumbakonam government hospital

By Vaseline May30,2024

In yet another brazen conversion in Tamil Nadu, missionaries were caught openly carrying Bibles in their shoulder bags and targeting the downtrodden and hopeless for conversion to Christianity in broad daylight at the Government Hospital (GH) in Kumbakonam. The attempted conversion took place at the hospital despite a board in Kumbakonam government hospital which read: “There is no proselytizing to be done here.

This time, the patients, frustrated with the missionaries spreading the message of Jesus Christ, contacted Thanjavur North District BJP District Secretary Paramaguru. He gave the missionaries a stern warning and drove them away.

The incident was caught on camera and shared by the Thanjavur North District BJP on social media. Here is the transcript of the video.

Paramaguru: Bargur? Where is Bargur located? Is it in Andra?

Missionary: No, Marungur

Paramaguru: Oh, you’re from Marungur Church. Who asked you to come here from Marungur Church? Who sent you?

Missionary: I came alone.

Paramaguru: Oh, you come alone. Who asked you to come from there to here?

Missionary: No, we come here to provide service (Oozhiyam)

Paramaguru: What do you mean by service? Are you going to recruit or give money? Come, let’s give together.

Missionary: We come here to pray

Paramaguru: Praying means: what are you going to do?

Missionary: Everyone be healthy (sugamadaya vendum).

Paramaguru: Shouldn’t we all get better? Are you the only one who wants wellness? We too are here to make it right. Please provide your business card or ID card. I want to know who you are. If you mix poison in the water and go away, who will we ask?

Missionary: I will not do it.

Paramaguru: What is the certainty that you don’t do, I have a business card, do you have one? We need to know who you are, right? Why are you doing this unwanted work? In which district is Marungur located?

Missionary: In Nagai District (Nagapattinam)

Paramaguru: Is everyone inside? Nagai district fine? Did the amputee, who felt unwell in Nagai district, get up and start walking and running? Has Corona recovered in the neighborhood? Where did you go during the corona period? Sir, what is your name? First take off your mask. Corona is gone, take off your mask. What’s your name?

Missionary: Boaz

Then Paramaguru calmly laid his hands on the missionary and said, ‘You are also my brother. I have no problem with that. We are ready to help you with whatever you need, but please stop this misleading conversion work. Brother, I talk to you and think you like me. I will not harm or threaten you, but he (patient) is in pain while lying down. He is not feeling well. His arms, legs and nose are gone. If you also torture him for half an hour and make his pain worse, what good is that? What is your intention here? How has the management of Kumbakonam GH made this possible within the campus? I am warning you; I will sue them.

Paramaguru further inquired about the missionary’s economic situation, asked if he had eaten and offered to buy him food. The missionary replied that he was fasting. When asked about his job, the missionary said he did not have a job. Paramaguru wondered how he managed to travel and afford food, and who supported him financially. When asked about his affairs in the hospital, the missionary replied that he came to pray (jebam).

Frustrated, Paramaguru told the missionary he looked pitiful, but expressed anger at the church missionaries who brought him. “Either you free yourself from the missionaries, or we will free you from them.” he said.

In the background, the patients’ relatives complained that the missionary violated the hospital’s policy against proselytizing. Paramaguru then asked to see what was in the missionary’s bag and found Bibles inside. Annoyed he asked: ‘Have you no shame? These people are on the brink of death, and you want to convert them here?’

Finally, Paramaguru warned the missionary that having personal faith is an individual choice, but that forcing conversions through deception is wrong and will have serious consequences.

Although the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, it is illegal to forcibly convert people, either by force or seduction.

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