Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Israel counters the ‘All eyes on Rafah’ trend with images of the October 7 attacks

By Vaseline May30,2024

A day after “All eyes on Rafah” started trending on social media platforms to condemn the killings of 40 Palestinians, Israel responded with its “October 7” image to highlight the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli citizens.

Israel’s official first an attack from all fronts.

In addition, the Israeli embassy in India shared on X another image showing Israeli citizens still being held hostage by Hamas.

“What your eyes don’t see are the cries of 125 Israeli men, women, children and elderly people who are currently being held hostage by Hamas under terrible conditions deep in the tunnels of Gaza.”

“This is why the conflict started. It’s important to know the full story before commenting. We will not rest until ALL of the hostages are home,” the embassy wrote on X on Wednesday.

Israel condemned his wife for the attacks on the southern Gaza town of Rafah, which local health officials said killed at least 45 Palestinians, including displaced people living in tents that were engulfed by fire on Sunday.

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