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The cryptocurrency market is also paying attention as K-food becomes popular around the world

By Vaseline May30,2024

‘K-food craze’ continues with ‘ROMCOIN’

Recently, the K-food craze has been popular all over the world, regardless of the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. K-food, such as ramen, chicken and bibimbap, is popular among people regardless of nationality, race or age. Several companies, including related marketing using K-food, are in the spotlight. The stock prices of Korean K-food companies are soaring, and their partner companies are also hitting the jackpot. The forward and backward effects of K-food activities are pervasive regardless of region and generation.

K-food reached its current form through K-pop. So what’s the next big thing? The field that has attracted the attention of the market and investors is the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency is emerging as an investment destination that will lead the market trend, with the K-food industry behind it. In particular, there are many voices calling for attention to be paid to ROMCOIN, a cryptocurrency that has announced its global expansion through K-Food.

‘ROMCOIN’ is a cryptocurrency project that started with ‘Romarket’, an order delivery application exclusively for local supermarkets in Korea. ‘Romarket’ is a platform company successfully operating in Korea, the land of K-culture (, and since its founding in 2018 has grown into a local commercial district with 300,000 downloads and 100,000 users. It is a platform that has grown into a leading delivery app.

‘ROMCOIN’ aims to create a global payment method based on the Romarket platform and at the same time strives for a B2E ecosystem (BUY TO EARN). Above all, it offers compensation for purchasing behavior. The B2E model works by receiving tokens as compensation when purchasing through an affiliate platform (currently ‘Romarket’). ‘ROMCOIN’ is expected to lead change in the WEB3 world through the B2E model.

‘ROMCOIN’ aims to achieve universality in logistics and distribution by connecting local stores in every country. If ‘ROMCOIN’ is used as a payment method by affiliates around the world, it will function as a global currency. In particular, ‘ROMCOIN’ will expand its currency function by acquiring many additional companies in every distribution/logistics/tourism field in Korea as partners in its listing on the stock exchange.

‘ROMCOIN’ status and future schedule

The total volume of Binance-based ‘ROMCOIN’ tokens issued is 1 billion. Of this, 50%, or 500 million ‘ROMCOIN’, will be provided to ecosystem participants. /undefinieer-1)

Currently, the development of modules such as token mining, transfer and wallet has been completed, and after the completion of the development of the mining system, ‘ROMCOIN’ will soon be available at affiliated domestic stores. During the product purchase process, 10-20% of the purchase price is converted into ‘ROMCOIN’ tokens. We are planning a pilot to make payment possible. We plan to gradually expand the scope of token use in the purchasing process.

After registering ‘COINMARKET CAP’ last April, ‘ROMCOIN’ completed the listing on ‘Digifinex’ and successfully completed the listing on ‘Lbank’ in early May. ‘ROMCOIN’ is making every effort to smoothly prepare for a listing on major exchanges such as in the near future.

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