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Monaco GP: ‘It won’t be fun’, Verstappen predicts a tough race for Red Bull

By Vaseline May26,2024

Monaco, May 26 Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has been struggling with his car since the first practice session in Monaco when he finished sixth on the grid after the qualifying session.

After the qualifying session on Saturday, Verstappen revealed how much he was struggling with the car and that the race on Sunday was “not going to be fun”.

“Honestly, up until the third quarter I was positively surprised that we really looked like we were in the mix – it was a big surprise to me. But it’s like driving on a razor’s edge. I can’t ride beyond the curbs, to be honest. That’s why we lose so much time in Sector 2… I have to drive around everything while the rest just plow over it,” the Dutchman told reporters after the qualifying session.

Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc shone in his home race qualifying as he took pole position, followed by McLaren’s Oscar Piastri in P2, teammate Carlos Sainz in P3 and Lando Norris in P4.

“It takes a lot of lap time, the car is like a go-kart over the curbs and bumps, so it’s just extremely difficult. If you turn in an inch too late, you might bounce half a meter further to the left or the other way. That’s right, and that just makes it very unpredictable.

“We were very good on the medium to high speed, where you don’t have as many bumps, so I felt really comfortable there and it was actually a lot of fun to ride, but we lost too much in all that time. low speed,” the three-time world champion added.

Verstappen wasn’t the only Red Bull driver to struggle on the day, as teammate Sergio Perez was eliminated in Q1, highlighting just how much the team struggles when it comes to speed on track.

“It’s not going to be fun, every lap I’ve done so far, at low speed it’s a challenge to be consistent. Of course you don’t go to the limit in the race, everyone saves (the car) and make sure you have the right tires. We’ll all calm down a bit, but we don’t have the fastest car anyway, so all the cars in front of us are faster, just try to follow. It is Monaco, things can happen, but I don’t expect miracles,” said Verstappen, who won the race in Monaco last year.

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