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Driver who rammed car into traffic to escape police in Marsiling turned out to be a wanted man

By Vaseline May30,2024

The driver rams his way out of traffic in an attempt to escape the police

A Mitsubishi Lancer was seen weaving its way out of traffic in a viral dashcam video posted on the Singapore Road Accidents Facebook page.

However, a civilian man wearing a gray shirt was seen trying to stop the vehicle on foot.

Shortly afterwards, police officers arrived to smash the driver’s seat window and arrest the driver.

Source: Singapore Road Accidents on Facebook

The incident took place on Tuesday (May 28) at the junction of Admiralty Road and Marsiling Lane.

The man in gray turns out to be 29-year-old Maurice, a sales consultant at local car dealer A Star Motors Pte Ltd.

He explained that the Mitsubishi Lancer was a “clone” of a car he had sold to a female customer, and that it even had the same license plate number.

The driver of the ‘cloned’ Mitsubishi Lancer turned out to be a wanted man, was in possession of weapons and tested positive for controlled drugs, according to police.

Driver tries to escape from police by ramming into traffic

At around 5.50pm on May 28, police were alerted to an incident at the junction of Admiralty Road and Marsiling Lane involving a Mitsubishi Lancer.

The car had stopped at a red light when a man in gray, Maurice, began approaching the vehicles around it, allegedly asking them to stay in place.

The drivers of the vehicles in front followed his instructions and remained stationary even after the traffic lights turned green and the other vehicles had driven away.

The Mitsubishi driver then tried to drive through the gap between the two trucks but was stopped by the 29-year-old sales consultant.

Source: Singapore Road Accidents on Facebook

In another attempt, the car hit one of the trucks.

Despite police officers arriving and attempting to smash the car window, the driver continued to maneuver his vehicles and again attempted to ram his way out of traffic, hitting another car.

When police officers finally managed to break the window, Maurice jumped forward to grab the driver.

Another video on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante showed the driver being pulled from his car and pinned to the ground by police.

Mitsubishi Lancer a ‘clone’

The Mitsubishi Lancer involved in the incident was reportedly a ‘clone’ of another car sold by local car dealer, A Star Motors Pte Ltd.

Speak with MS NewsKree, a director at Star Motors, said a customer who bought a car from the dealership last September 2023 was issued a police summons last month for driving away from a gas station without paying.

However, after police compared CCTV footage of the incident with her car, they realized they were not the same cars. The other car had the same license plate but had different wheels and accessories.

Kree added that the customer also received citations for speeding incidents not committed by the customer.

The police could not trace the car. However, Maurice had seen the car twice in Yishun prior to the incident and reported it to the police.

Source: SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

Cloned car spotted in Yishun

On May 28, while on his way home, Maurice saw the car and decided to follow it, sharing his live location with Kree and the police.

He followed the car from Yishun to Yio Chu Kang, then to Woodlands and finally to Admiralty Road. Kree explained that at some point the driver noticed Maurice driving behind him and decided to speed up, “run a red light and drive dangerously.”

Kree also left his office to help Maurice and the police catch the driver. He tried to stop traffic at Riverside Road Junction, but the Mitsubishi Lancer fled. It was only on Admiralty Road that they, together with the police, managed to block traffic and catch the driver.

During the scuffle, Maurice suffered several cuts to his arm and a minor injury to his back, but he is now doing well and recovering, Kree said. MS News.

Netizens have since praised their efforts to locate the cloned car and help arrest the driver.

Driver caught with weapons and tested positive for drugs

The 36-year-old driver was wanted by police and the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) for multiple offences, according to a statement from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on May 29.

A baton, brass knuckles, a pocket knife, a bank card, seven bank cards, substances believed to be controlled drugs, and drug paraphernalia were seized from the vehicle.

Source: Singapore Police Force

The driver’s urine also tested positive for controlled drugs.

He will be charged on May 30 with rash conduct and possession of weapons.

“It is an offense to carry or possess an offensive weapon in a public place,” the statement said. Channel News Asia (CNA) reports that the crime is punishable with a maximum prison sentence of five years and a minimum of six strokes of the cane.

In addition, police will seek to arrest him for investigation of offenses including driving without a valid driver’s license, using an unregistered vehicle and fraudulent possession of property.

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Featured image taken from Singapore Road Accidents on Facebook, SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

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