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Software Engineer, Programming Analyst Among the Best Jobs for Freshers in India: LinkedIn

By Vaseline May30,2024

For fresh graduates looking to enter the job market, LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, recently unveiled new data on the fastest growing roles, industries, functions and skills in India.

LinkedIn data shows that design, analytics and programming are the top skills for entry-level roles today.

Businesses will continue to embrace flexibility in 2024, with the trend towards more flexible working arrangements growing significantly. The number of on-site only roles is declining 15% year over year, and hybrid roles are increasing 52% for entry-level roles. This shift offers new graduates a wider range of work arrangements from which to choose and pursue.

Industry trends

Utilities are the fastest growing industry for young professionals with bachelor’s degrees, according to LinkedIn’s Career Starter 2024 report.

Other top industries hiring new graduates include oil, gas and mining, real estate, equipment rental and consumer services. Moreover, those without a bachelor’s degree have plenty of opportunities in the Education, Technology and Information and Media sectors.

Top roles

LinkedIn’s data showed that there is a wide range of top jobs for professionals with different educational qualifications. Bachelor’s degree holders can explore roles such as Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Programming Analyst. A growing number of Masters holders are being hired as Software Engineers and Data Analysts. Those without a degree can find fulfilling careers in positions such as Software Engineer, Secretary and Design Engineer.

Regardless of educational background, several positions are experiencing rapid growth. There are ample opportunities available to bachelor’s degree holders in areas such as community and social services, legal, marketing, and media and communications.

There are also plenty of vacancies in the Education, Human Resources, Marketing and Media & Communications sectors for people without a bachelor’s degree.

Nirajita Banerjee, LinkedIn career expert and senior managing editor of India, says: “Entering a tight job market can be difficult, especially at the start of a career. Staying abreast of industry trends and in-demand jobs, and exploring roles that may not seem obvious at first glance, can broaden the possibilities.”

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  • “Many skills are now transferable between industries, and the rise of AI is creating more technology-related roles in different areas, causing companies to look for professionals with different educational backgrounds. These hiring trends reflect broader economic patterns, such as those in the energy sector. To broaden their horizons, job seekers must continue to strengthen their skills and network with professionals,” Banerjee said.

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