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Woman surprises parents after secretly entering country and rewards them with 4-bedroom house

By Vaseline May30,2024

  • Jayne, who grew up in Eastern Uganda, built a beautiful four-bedroom house for her parents
  • According to the lady who lives abroad, the house has good pipes for indoor water and solar energy, which they can use for cooking and watching TV
  • She blindfolded her parents, who came to the house to sing hymns, and finally they were shown their house

A young girl identified as Jayne has given her dear parents a double blessing: seeing her again after a long time and a beautiful home.

Jayne's house in Mbale, the next frame shows the TikToker presenting the house to her parents.
Jayne secretly built a new house for her parents and surprised them with her return. (Photos: Jayne256.
Source: UGC

Young lady has double surprise for parents

In two TikTok videos, the lady shared her journey of handing over the house in Mbale, Eastern Uganda to her beloved parents.

The materials and construction of the house were overseen by a chief executive officer (CEO) she hired. The outside of the house was gray, as was the roof. Furthermore, the house has large windows all around.

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Jayne also showed pipes in some corners of the house and said they were for the water they would use indoors.

“We have solar energy inside; that person installed our solar energy in such a way that we can watch TV and cook with it. There is also a public toilet and a private toilet for my parents,” she said.

See the videos below:

Netizens are reacting to the videos

Social media users flocked to the comments section and shared their thoughts.

@Brand B responded:

“Exactly what I manifest for a four-bedroom house.”

@Gen Israel – said:

“Whoever did this for her mother, believe me, your days will be fruitful on earth. Best video for the day.”

@Rachaelnamu responded:

“I will do this in my mind every day, but I certainly won’t be able to do it.”

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@DA BRAVE QUEEN❤️❤️ shared:

“Guess what I gave my mother. I give a room, house and land ☺️and I feel blessed.”

@Bwoolina added:

“Can I surprise it with my daughter God, since mommy is no longer here.”

@Jay said:

“Wow, nice, who did you trust to do all that for you while you were away? You know it’s hard to find reliable people.’

23-year-old surprises parents with his own company

In the meantime, Short news said a proud young man made himself and his parents proud by opening his own bakery and coffee shop. The 23-year-old surprised his parents with the 70% completion of cases, saying they never had much in the house.

The online community reacted proudly and showered the gentleman with congratulations. Sisco spoke to Briefly News about his venture into the entrepreneurial landscape, giving all the credit to his parents.


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