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Kariobangi boy hit by stray bullet while buying book, family seeks justice

By Vaseline May30,2024

  • Elvis Muya was hit by a stray bullet when he went to buy a book at the nearby shop in Kariobangi South.
  • His uncle, George Kamau, pointed an accusing finger at the police, who were then dispersing rowdy youths protesting against eviction
  • Starehe Police Commander Fred Abuga said the matter is under investigation to determine the cause of the schoolboy’s injuries

A family in Nairobi’s Kariobangi South is seeking justice after a stray bullet struck their 13-year-old Elvis Muya, leaving him in a critical condition.

Destruction in Nairobi.
Vandalism in the riparian area of ​​Kariobangi South left Elvis Muya hospitalized after a stray live bullet as police dispersed rowdy youths. Photo: Boniface Muthoni.
Source: Getty Images

How did the bullet hit the boy?

He alleged that the police took no action after the incident, forcing residents to intervene and rescue the minor.

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“They shot Elvis with a live bullet. The bullet was shot in his thigh and the bullet entered his stomach. The police left him without checking his status,” Kimani said.

Kimani said police fired into the air to disperse rowdy youths opposing government demolitions in the Nairobi River riparian area.

The boy was reportedly moved at a mkokoteni as residents mobilized funds to take him to hospital.

The youths made rounds with the boy’s body in a mkokoteni before a call was made to his mother, who had been informed of the shooting. How inhumane is the police to shoot an innocent boy and leave him to die?” one resident wondered.

According to a report by TV 47, residents accused police of using live bullets instead of rubber bullets, seriously injuring the boy.

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“If the police want to scare a group of young people, why can’t they use rubber bullets? Using live bullets is inhumane,” one resident complained.

Family appeals to the government

The seventh grader is currently admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital. The family claims they filed a report at the Kariobangi South Police Station but no action was taken.

“Our child will not get the justice he deserves; the Kariobangi police took us back and forth. Elvis has been in intensive care for three days, the government should step in and pay the bill,” Kamau said.

Police Commander Fred Abuga at the Starehe Police Station said investigations are underway to determine whether the injuries resulted from the bullets or debris from the destruction.

Kiambu club shooting

Police in Kiambu are investigating a shooting incident that left reveler Anthony Njomo dead on Sartuday, May 25.

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