Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

What happened to the actor who played Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights?

By Vaseline May30,2024

The latest episode of “Friday Night Lights” proved to be a mirror for Taylor Kitsch, who decided to keep his homestead in the same condition he spent years filming in. “Texas Forever,” he told GQ in 2012, recalling Tim Riggins’ famous line from the show. “It looks like it will be that way,” he added. Kitsch moved to Austin in 2012 and purchased acres of barren land to build his dream home.

“I think I chose to build in Austin because I can come to Austin and escape and be myself,” he explained to the publication. Kitsch is more reserved in his celebrity, and certainly not one to long for red carpet events and press tours. “Whatever it is that motivates other people — fame, money, celebrity, more followers, I don’t know — it was never like that,” Kitsch admitted in his interview with The New York Times. Instead, the actor simply wants a place where he can call his own and put down roots, while still returning to the industry to take on roles that intrigue himself and others. “I just wanted to be a character actor who would go into certain things and hopefully make you evoke something,” he said.

Kitsch eventually made his dreams come true by building himself a mansion in Austin on a lake, with a beautiful pool to enjoy the sweeping water views. Texas wasn’t exactly forever, though, as he eventually sold the property in 2021.

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