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Dukie’s Doggz serves golfers and non-golfers at Country Club of NB

By Vaseline May26,2024

DARTMOUTH — You’ve probably driven past it countless times, but did you know there’s a hot dog stand on Hathaway Road?

If you’ve never noticed it, you’re not alone; but you’re about 40 years too late.

“When people come by, they’re always like, I didn’t even know this was here, or they didn’t know it was back” after a few years of closure post-COVID, said Angie DeBortoli, who reopened Dukie’s Doggz stand — located at the Country Club of New Bedford – during last year’s golf season.

For anyone who noticed Dukie’s but assumed it was only for country club members, DeBortoli says that’s not the case. Hungry motorists are welcome to pull over on the side of Hathaway Road, near the Slocum Road intersection where the stand is located, she said.

“We are across the street from Hope Evangelical Community Church,” she said, so drivers could easily know when they were approaching the right spot. For those hungry and/or thirsty golfers coming from the other side of the course’s stone edge, they can walk or pull their carts to the stand at hole 12.

Dukie’s has once again put DeBortoli’s catering skills to use

When her longtime employer, Harriet’s Catering in Marion, closed down, DeBortoli said she looked for a way to continue utilizing her extensive food service background, thanks to her part-time job at the DeMello International Center in downtown New Bedford. , and connection to owner James “Jimmy” DeMello, who also owns Dukie’s Doggz.

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“There was a food stand in there (DeMello’s International Center) that I considered taking over, but I hesitated and regretted it,” DeBortoli said. “Then I saw Jimmy one day and he said I have another place you can run to.”

DeMello’s only stipulation: “He told me to keep the name ‘Dukie’s’ because that was his dog, a little Yorkie.”

Inspired menu

Putting together Dukie’s menu was fun, DeBortoli says, especially with such an obvious theming option.

“I came up with some cool names, like the ‘greenskeeper dog.’ The greenskeepers here always ordered their hot dogs a certain way, so I named that after them,” she said. “That comes with mustard, chili, sauce, onion, sauerkraut, cheese, potato sticks and celery salt.”

Other golf-themed dogs at Dukie’s include ‘The Sandtrap’, ‘Backswing Bacon’, ‘Birdie BBQ’ and the carefully crafted ‘Tee Time’.

“Tee Time is the classic work, but everything is under the hot dog instead of on top of it to help golfers not get anything on their shirt,” she said.

And DeBortoli says she doesn’t cut corners when it comes to finding just the right toppings for her steamed dogs.

“Chicago-style hot dogs are very popular, all the real hot dog people know about them,” she said. “For us, the flavor and the peppers come straight from Chicago. It’s a very bright green, sweet flavor, and the peppers are sport peppers.”

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Non-hot dog menu items include Willow Tree chicken salad, tuna salad sandwiches, turkey sandwiches and cacoila from Al’s Cafe in New Bedford.

“I know Al’s is my favorite cacoila, so I brought that over here,” DeBortoli said.

First full season in full swing

Due to the timing of the city’s approval, DeBortoli says her debut season last year was a shortened season that started in mid-June. So she is excited to take on her first full season at Dukie’s this year.

“Everyone was so happy to see it open again, especially the golfers, because there hasn’t been anything here for years,” she said, noting that her only co-worker at Dukie’s is her 15-year-old son Kyle DeBortoli. “It was nice to be here.”

DeBortoli said Dukie’s Doggz will close for the season on Nov. 1. Dukie’s schedule through the end of the season is Monday 11am-3pm, Tuesday-Thursday 10am-3pm, Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm and Sunday 10am-2pm

Visit for more information and the full Dukie’s Doggz menu.

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