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Germany launches a work permit for job seekers, valid for a maximum of one year

By Vaseline May30,2024

The list of visas for digital nomads continues to grow, but these visas are only valid for people who keep their jobs in their home country. What about people looking for new opportunities?

Well, if that applies to you, you might want to keep your eyes on that Germany. The country is about to launch a Chancenkarte – or “opportunity map” – to encourage more young, skilled workers to fill labor shortages.

Germany needs around 400,000 new skilled workers every year to fill the gaps in various sectors – especially technology, IT and healthcare. 1 June and functions as a temporary visa, will attract more workers from outside the EU.

Cardholders can take on a part-time job and work up to 20 hours per week, or gain up to two weeks of trial work experience. If they want to switch to full-time work, they can apply for a longer-term residence permit. Sounds reasonable, right?

There are of course some requirements. Applicants must be proficient in speaking English or German, must have completed at least two years of vocational training or a university degree relevant to their desired position, and must prove that they have the money or salary to cover their stay – something more than €12,000 (£10,212). €13,003).

Each person must also collect at least seven ‘points’. These points are based on different criteria. For example, you get one point if you are under 40 years old or if you are trained in a career where there is a shortage of workers, and you get two points if you are under 40 years old. 35 and holder of a B1 certificate in German.

Five years of professional experience in your field within the last seven years would earn you three points, and possession of a professional qualification recognized in Germany or having permission to practice a regulated role such as an engineer, teacher or nurse, would earn you four points.

So if you are thinking of moving, are not an EU citizen and fancy a life in Germany, then this could be for you. Apply for the occasional card at the German consulate in your home country or at the local alien registration office in Germany.

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