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What’s Driving Life Time Group Holdings Inc’s Surprising 17% Sto

By Vaseline May30,2024

Life Time Group Holdings Inc (LTH, Financial), with a current market cap of $3.23 billion, has recently shown a notable increase in stock performance. Over the past week, the company’s share price has risen 0.25%, and over the past three months it has risen a whopping 16.74%. According to GuruFocus’s valuation metrics, the stock currently has a GF value of $20.32, which suggests the stock is modestly undervalued. This valuation signals a potential opportunity for investors looking for growth in the travel and leisure sector.

Overview of Life Time Group Holdings Inc

Life Time Group Holdings Inc operates in the travel and leisure industry and focuses on providing high-quality health, fitness and wellness experiences. The company designs, builds and operates large, multi-use sports and athletics centers, professional fitness, family recreation and spa centers in resort-style settings primarily located in metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada. This strategic positioning allows Life Time to serve a high-end customer base seeking comprehensive wellness and fitness solutions in accessible locations.


Assessing profitability

Life Time’s financial health, as indicated by its profitability rank, stands at 5/10. The company’s operating margin currently stands at 9.98%, which is better than 55.66% of its peers. Furthermore, its return on equity (ROE) is 3.30%, surpassing 40.05% of competitors, and return on assets (ROA) at 1.06% is also above 41.36% of competitors industry peers. Its return on invested capital (ROIC) of 2.62% further underlines its ability to generate cash relative to invested capital. Collectively, these figures point to a stable profitability landscape, albeit with room for improvement.


Growth trajectory

The company’s growth ranking is robust at 7/10. Life Time has shown significant three-year revenue per share growth of 18.50%, which ranks better than 57.38% of its peers. However, five-year revenue growth per share is a modest 0.10%. Looking ahead, the overall revenue growth rate (3-5 year forward estimate) is projected at 10.86%, which is promising and better than 69.89% of companies in the industry. This indicates strong potential for sustainable sales growth in the future.


Notable shareholders

Notable investors in Life Time Group Holdings Inc include high-profile names such as Michael Dell (Trades, Portfolio), with 11,695,100 shares, representing 5.88% of the company’s shares. Other major investors include Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio) and Jim Simons, who each own a 0.1% stake in the company. These investments by well-known financial figures underline the confidence in the company’s market strategy and future growth potential.

Competitive landscape

Life Time operates in a competitive industry with key players such as Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp (MODG, Financial) with a market cap of $2.82 billion, Cedar Fair LP (FUN, Financial) with a valuation of $2.18 billion, and Six Flags Entertainment Corp (SIX, Financial). ) at $2.14 billion. Despite intense competition, Life Time’s unique positioning and extensive service offerings give the company a competitive advantage in attracting a premium customer base.


In conclusion, Life Time Group Holdings Inc presents a compelling case for investors given its current market valuation status and growth prospects. The company’s strategic focus on high-quality wellness and fitness services, combined with its modest undervaluation and positive growth indicators, positions it well for future success. Investors would do well to keep an eye on Life Time as the company continues to expand its market presence and capitalize on emerging opportunities within the travel and leisure industry.

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