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The teacher goes viral and reveals how her 8th grade students roasted her

By Vaseline May30,2024

TikTok teacher Miss.Dugan1 is going viral for revealing a list of things her 8th grade students have said in an attempt to bully her.

In the May 16 segment, Miss Dugan reads from a list of lines she wrote down from quite a few of her students. “Things my 8th graders have said to me,” she said to start the video.

After opening a notebook full of comments, she began reading them out for viewers to enjoy.

‘Are you in therapy? You seem like the type.” One student commented.

Another said: “You look like my grandpa’s sofa.”

“Now that the surgeries are over, we can yap,” a third commented.

“I once had an eighth grader tell me… ‘So, was this your big life plan?’” another teacher shared.

One viewer commented: “This inspired me to quit, and I’m not even a teacher.”

“The way we would get in so much trouble if we ever said this to our teacher,” another replied.

Her first video was so popular that Miss Dugan uploaded a second clip in which she read out more things said by her 8th grader.

“People wanted more. My students obliged. Shout out to Mrs. C for inspiring this trend,” she said in the caption.

“Why are you laughing so much?” asked a student. The teacher went on to explain that one of her children responded, “Womp Womp,” as she told her class that her childhood dog had run away.

Ms. Dugan is far from the first teacher to go viral on TikTok by sharing different aspects of their classroom.

One teacher left viewers shocked after bringing his guitar into the classroom to play 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’, while another teacher went viral after revealing she charged her students rent for their desks.

It’s not all positive stories, however, as another teacher revealed on May 15, 2024 that he was fired for filming his students undoing his hair.

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