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Eccentric trailer for experimental, surreal short dance film ‘Catharsis’

By Vaseline May30,2024

Eccentric trailer for experimental, surreal short dance film ‘Catharsis’

by Alex Billington
May 30, 2024
Source: YouTube

Catharsis trailer

“Your anger and fear control your life.” A festival trailer has been launched for a surreal, experimental short film titled Catharsis, from a new filmmaker named Brian Logvinsky. For the curious: this will premiere on the Tribeca Film Festival 2024 this summer in New York City, which is why this trailer is out now to build some early buzz. A dancer named Alex with serious anger issues is on the verge of sabotaging his life until a strange psychotherapist brings him into the shadows of his subconscious… The short film lasts 17 minutes and is described as an “avant-garde, neo-noir” movie.” This psychological story, which interweaves surrealism, performance art and horror, has been a lifelong passion project for Logvinsky, drawing on his own Soviet American heritage. In the void of hypnosis, Alex is confronted with his worst fears and darkest truths. Featuring an ensemble cast with Deborah Harry, Harrison Bal, Marc Geller, Jemima Kirke, Sasha Pivovarova, Zumi Rosow& Cole Alexander. This is a special trailer should catch the attention of some viewers.

Here’s the festival promo trailer for Brian Logvinsky’s short film Catharsisdirectly from YouTube:

Catharsis poster

Alex (Harrison Ball) is a dancer, a once-in-a-generation talent that spirals out of control after the recent and tragic death of his mother in Catharsis. He now lives with his aunt Anya (Deborah Harry), who was born in the Soviet Union and has retained several superstitions from her upbringing. She believes her family is cursed, and that it is Alex’s inner demons that cause the impulsive outbursts of anger and destruction that threaten to destroy his promising future. At Anya’s insistence, he attends a late night session with the mysterious psychotherapist Dr. Leechny (Marc Geller). Using his own brand of pseudo-scientific hypnosis, Dr. Leechny and his enigmatic assistants, Chakra & Harmony (Jemima Kirke), send Alex to hypnosis. Catharsis is directed by newcomer NYC filmmaker Brian Logvinsky. The screenplay was written by Brian Logvinsky and Harrison Ball. It is produced by Jess Vogel and Harrison Jaffee. It will premiere at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival in June this summer. No other release has been determined – stay tuned for updates.


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