Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

New philanthropy group focuses on women’s health

By Vaseline May30,2024

A new group, Women Leading Philanthropy, aims to improve health care for women in Central Alberta, and it’s off to a good start.

Launched by the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation, the group will fund initiatives that have a direct impact on patient care and help shape the future of women’s health care.

Manon Therriault, the foundation’s CEO and philanthropy member, said she was thrilled with the response to the group’s premiere event, Purposeful Change: Women’s Philanthropy Symposium, held Wednesday and featuring six women sharing their expertise in various areas shared.

“We had about 75 people in the room, which was a really great turnout,” Therriault said, adding that initial planning for the group didn’t begin until January.

“I didn’t expect to see so much engagement and excitement. There is definitely some engagement going on. (Women’s health) is a healthcare topic that is not as discussed as it should be, and so we aim to shed some light on it .”

She said women who attended noted that they felt empowered to take action in some way.

The types of events organized for the group will be determined by the women participating in the donation circle and how they want to interact with the hospital, she said.

Events will likely be held quarterly, including networking opportunities. For more information about the annual donation required to be part of the group, please contact the foundation.

Every year, participants determine where their donations go.

Ahead of Wednesday’s event, the EMBRACE program, for women dependent on opioids or other substances during pregnancy, was chosen as the group’s first recipient.

EMBRACE is available at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Center and provides support to expectant mothers to safely navigate their pregnancy, birth/delivery and recovery, keeping mothers and babies together.

Therriault said if there were men who wanted to start a similar philanthropy group, the foundation would be happy to help.

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