Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

James Richardson’s Duty Free Shop reopens in Terminal 1

By Vaseline May30,2024

In October 2023, following the closure of Terminal 1 to domestic and international flights, the James Richardson Duty-Free shop also closed its doors. On Sunday, June 2, the duty-free shop in Terminal 1 reopened after more than seven months and is now available to travelers. The store has been renovated and updated, with more brands and more products.

Travelers will find popular and well-known brands, as well as new additions such as hair care brand K18, a variety of perfumes from premium brand Creed, leading makeup brand Benefit, a new Estee Lauder counter and brands such as Dior, CHANEL and more.

As with Terminal 3, customers can pre-order products via the company’s website, pay in store and collect their items at the collection point, with returns available. This means that travelers from Terminal 1 can order a variety of duty-free products and enjoy them in Terminal 3.

In addition, a Mini Market counter has been added with travel-sized products from leading skin care, makeup and toiletry brands. These small products are suitable for traveling and allow travelers to take all the necessary items with them on a trip with minimal weight. The checkout line products have also been upgraded, providing travelers with a wide range of items.

Another good news: personalized engravings on perfumes purchased in the duty-free shop and ordered online before the trip will be available.

Shani Inbar Kriti, Marketing VP of James Richardson, said: “We are pleased to reopen the James Richardson store in Terminal 1. Despite the challenging times, we have retained our staff as much as possible. We welcome the employees who have returned to us and to their workplaces and wish all of Israel a peaceful summer and a pleasant journey.”

James Richardson Duty-Free, Terminal 1, Opening Hours: 3am to 11pm.

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