Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Ensure stable power, end uncertainty to attract investors – Fix Nigeria Group urges Tinubu after dismal year

By Vaseline May30,2024

A civil society organisation, Fix Nigeria Group, has criticized the economic policies of the President Bola Tinubu-led government which have created unprecedented social vices and are having devastating effects on the living standards of citizens.

A statement on Thursday said the group made the remarks at the national executive meeting held on Wednesday, calling on the President Tinubu-led government and state governors to implement positive policies that would improve the living standards of Nigerians improve.


While congratulating Tinubu on his one year anniversary at the helm of Nigeria’s affairs, the group’s National President, Tunde Eso, was quoted in the statement as calling for a national agenda of youth inclusivity in governance, to to strengthen industrialization with “our God-given untapped natural resources, affordable energy supply and drastic reduction in insecurity to attract foreign direct investment opportunities in Nigeria”.

Eso said: “Several times I have urged the Federal Government to work in partnership with the States to implement effective national policy implementation of a youth agenda by providing empowerment programs that engage the youth, take them off the streets and take it to the street.” make them productive and responsible citizens for a better Nigeria.”

In their various submissions, the group has directed the government to strengthen the intelligence gathering capacity of security agencies so that they can prevent insecurity threats before they escalate. They advised the government to invest in current technological applications for surveillance and monitoring, including drones and CCTV systems.

They said this, when implemented, will improve border security and urban security and also work with neighboring countries and international partners to tackle transnational security challenges such as terrorism and smuggling.

The statement quotes the group’s national treasurer, Anuhu Boyi, who has urged the government to improve the welfare and training of security personnel to enhance their effectiveness and professionalism, and also implement community policing initiatives to to promote trust and cooperation between law enforcement agencies. local communities.

“Level-level governments must develop industrial policies and incentives that add value in key sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, manufacturing and technology.

“Government should also invest in vocational training and skills development programs to build the capacity of the workforce and facilitate the transition to a knowledge economy, and improve access to finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through of initiatives such as venture capital funds, microfinance and credit guarantee schemes.

“It should also improve infrastructure, including transport networks, logistics and broadband connectivity, to reduce the cost of doing business and attract investment, promote innovation and entrepreneurship through support for research and development, technology hubs and incubators to boost economic growth and competitiveness to stimulate. .”

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