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Thursday night’s winning numbers have been revealed

By Vaseline May30,2024

The numbers for tonight’s eye-watering $100 million Powerball draw have been officially revealed, as millions of Australians across the country desperately check their tickets and online entries to see if they’ve been lucky.

Up to half of Australian adults are believed to have bought a ticket in that evening’s draw after last week’s whopping $60 million prize went unclaimed, bringing tonight’s total to $100 million. It was the fifth week in a row that no one won the Division 1 prize.

Tonight’s staggering amount is the sixth largest jackpot ever drawn in the history of the Australian lottery and lottery officials claim “thousands” of tickets were being bought “every minute” this afternoon.

The last time Powerball offered a $100 million jackpot in January 2024, sales peaked at 5:46 PM on that day, reaching 7,224 tickets in one minute. Lott officials expected similar numbers this evening. Ticket sales closed nationwide at 7:30 PM AEST.

The winning numbers for Powerball draw 1461:

Winning numbers: 13, 9, 1, 18, 12, 2, 14

Powerball: 3

A group of family and friends celebrate a lottery win ahead of tonight's $100 million Powerball drawing. A group of family and friends celebrate a lottery win ahead of tonight's $100 million Powerball drawing.

If one person takes home the entire prize tonight, they will be just one of five to ever win more than $100 million in Australia. Source: De Lot

If an individual wins the full prize, he or she will share the title of Australia’s second-biggest lottery winner ever. Anna Hobdell, spokesperson for The Lott, said only four other lucky Australians know what it’s like to score a Powerball prize of $100 million or more.

“Australia’s biggest lottery winner was a Sydney nurse who scored more than $107 million in 2019. She initially thought she had only won $107,000 and was stunned to discover her real prize was a thousand times more,” she said.

“And in the last 12 months we’ve seen three people score $100 million each. First there was a dad from Bankstown who won last June, and then a woman from Hawthorne and a couple from Singleton shared the $200 million jackpot in February,” continued Anna.

“These winners all had different plans for their prizes, but there were some common themes, including enjoying long-awaited vacations in Australia and around the world. Could Powerball crown its fifth $100 million winner this week? Only time will learn.”

Hobdell’s sentiment is true, only time will tell, but experts say that no matter how happy you feel on that day, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever achieve a major victory. We’ll wait to see if anyone has claimed the top prize, but nothing is guaranteed as you’re more likely to get hit by a meteorite.

It turns out the chances of you dying from a local meteorite, asteroid or comet impact are one in 1.6 million, according to National Geographic – MUCH more likely than a Powerball win.

According to The Lott itself, the odds of winning division one in Powerball, based on one standard game, are vanishingly small at 134,490,400. Have you ever heard that you’re more likely to die on your way to buy a Powerball ticket than actually win? Turns out it’s true, especially if you drive there.

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