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John Lennon guitar sells at auction for $2.9 million

By Vaseline May30,2024

A lost guitar once used by John Lennon that was found in an attic sold at auction for more than $2.8 million, making it one of the most lucrative pieces of Beatles memorabilia to be sold.

The guitar, a 1964 12-string Framus Hootenanny that has been missing for about 50 years and recently turned up in the attic, was used by both Lennon and George Harrison for the albums “Help!” and “Rubber Soul” in 1965, according to Julien’s Auctions. It was purchased by an anonymous buyer in New York on Wednesday for a total price of $2,857,500, the auction house said.

According to Julien’s, the guitar is expected to sell for between $600,000 and $800,000. The auction house said the sale price makes it the fifth most expensive guitar ever sold.

“The new owner (is) now the keeper of a piece of Lennon’s soul, a tangible link to the creative energy that flowed through him and touched the lives of millions,” Julien’s said in a statement.

So how does a guitar like that just disappear? In 1965, Lennon gave the instrument to Gordon Waller of the pop duo Peter and Gordon, because Lennon and Paul McCartney had written songs for them. Waller then gave the instrument to a manager, “who took the guitar home, threw it in the attic and paid no attention to it for decades,” the affidavit said.

A man in Britain subsequently discovered the memorabilia piece in his parents’ home as they left their home, Darren Julien, co-founder and executive director of the auction house, said in a video. The man told Julien about the item last March, Julien said.

“Finding this remarkable instrument is like finding a lost Rembrandt or Picasso,” he said in a statement.

The team at Julien’s worked with experts to confirm that it was Lennon’s guitar by comparing it to a guitar seen in photos and stills of Lennon from the film “Help!” The guitar and case were also featured in photos from recording sessions.

Musician and author Andy Babiuk was among the experts who helped identify the instrument. He said in a video on his website that this guitar was one of the few Beatles items that remained missing.

“It’s so important – it’s the sound we hear on the great songs we all love, and it’s so great to know that a piece of history has finally been found,” he said in the video.

Other Beatles items were lost and found years later. Another of Lennon’s guitars was discovered in 2014 after it was allegedly stolen from him and bought by a musician in the 1960s. It sold for $2.4 million at a Julien’s auction in 2015. (That same year, the auction house sold a Ringo Starr drum set for $2.2 million.)

Similarly, a Höfner bass guitar once owned by McCartney surfaced last February after it was stolen in 1972. The bass was rumored to have been stolen at some point when the Beatles recorded their final album, “Let It Be,” in 1969, according to the Associated Press. The guitar was found after journalists and a guitar expert launched a campaign to find the guitar, which was used by McCartney for “hundreds of performances” and several Beatles hits including “Love Me Do” and “Twist and Shout”, it was reported the New York Times. .

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