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Lewis Hamilton reveals terrifying near-death experience

By Vaseline May30,2024

Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has told of a harrowing near-death experience while surfing in Hawaii. During an appearance on the “Hot Ones” show, the British driver described his terrifying encounter with the infamous six-metre waves of Pipeline, a spot known for its terrifying surfing challenges.

Hamilton was visiting Hawaii to surf with his friend and professional surfer Kelly Slater, who had initially warned him about the dangerous conditions. Despite caution, Hamilton ventured into the water but became stuck in the ‘kill zone’, where four huge waves threatened to overwhelm him.

Recalling the moment, Hamilton thought, “It’s over, it’s all over,” as the waves crashed mercilessly over him. In a desperate bid to survive, he abandoned his surfboard and dived deeper and deeper, even using the reef as an anchor amid the chaotic waters. .

Hamilton talked about the experience:

“The biggest fallout I had was with Kelly Slater, on Pipeline. They were twenty-foot waves and Kelly said, “There’s no way you’re going to get there.” You’re crazy.’

“I turn around and see a series of four waves coming and for me that was: ‘it’s over, it’s all over.’ As I threw my board I dove down and grabbed the reef and I could hear the wave crashing behind me. My board is torn and broken in half.

“I came back up clearly gasping for air and the next one came right back down, grabbing the reef again as another wave came over. So I did that three times. I stood up, I was almost out of air. I almost drowned, but managed to swim back.”

Hamilton is known for his love of exciting hobbies, including surfing and skydiving. Speaking about the same incident last year, as quoted by Marca, Hamilton revealed:

“I thought I was very close to the end. But this excites me for some reason.”

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