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Home Bargain shopper transforms her garden for under £200

By Vaseline May31,2024

A Home Bargains shopper has amazed fellow shoppers after transforming her garden with items from the store for under £200. Instagram user Hannah Briggs, who goes by the online username Honeyhirsthome, gave her garden a makeover in time for summer -about.

In a video documenting her new garden, she listed all the items she bought from Home Bargains and how much it cost her. Many people are impressed by how ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing’ her garden now looks.

She picks up some fluted beakers and a fluted glass candlestick for £5. She also bought some artificial olive trees, which cost £20 each.

Hannah also bought a pair of outdoor rattan lanterns for £12.99 each. She had her partner install an electric heater to keep warm at night, which cost them £39.99.

She also decorated the fence with a pair of white mirrors, for £12 each. Two white square beanbags cost her £15 each and a Mediterranean-style cushion which she placed on her outdoor sofa cost her £7.99.

Her shopping cart also included some citronella candles, which help keep the flies away, plus a rectangular furniture cover, for those rainy days. All told, she spent just under £200, with all items purchased from her local Home Bargains store.

In the caption, Hannah wrote: “HOME BARGAIN garden makeover for under £200! I’m honestly so obsessed with how this turned out! The olive trees were an absolute bargain!”

The official Home Bargains Instagram account shared Hannah’s video and wrote: “You have to check out this garden makeover for under £200.” The post has already been liked more than a thousand times, and many impressed shoppers have left messages in the comments section.

One replied: “Great! I need a trip to shop for my garden makeover.” A second comment: “Wow beautiful.” A third added: “So many beautiful pieces.” A fourth wrote: “Beautifully beautiful lanterns, love them.”

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