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“I’m too drunk to drive,” the man told Sudbury police

By Vaseline May31,2024

He was more than twice over the limit when officers arrested him

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When Brennan Walsh was stopped while driving by Greater Sudbury police officers a year ago, he told them, “Yes, I’m too drunk to drive.”

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At the Ontario Court of Justice in Sudbury, Walsh, 28, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. He was fined $1,000 and lost his driver’s license for a year.

The Crown and Brennan’s lawyer, Berk Keaney, proposed the sentence.

“Mr Walsh: Even though you drove a short distance, your intoxication posed a serious risk to public safety,” said Judge Julie Lefebvre. “Drinking and driving under the influence is therefore a criminal offence.”

Lefebvre also told Brennan that he needed to address his alcohol problem.

“If you cannot abstain, you will need to make alternative arrangements (to return home),” she warned.

The court heard Greater Sudbury police officers conducted mobile checks on Notre Dame Avenue in New Sudbury on May 2, 2023 at 10 p.m. They saw a driver leave a restaurant parking lot very quickly and run away. .

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Officers followed the car to Paulstraat, where the driver pulled into a driveway. The male driver then reversed to straighten the vehicle before parking it.

When the driver was approached, he told officers, “Yes, you got me.”

The driver – Brennan – had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and his speech was slurred.

“Yes, I’m too drunk to drive,” he also told the officers.

When asked to produce his driver’s license, Brennan initially provided a Mastercard credit card, but then showed his driver’s license and health card.

Brennan was taken to police headquarters where, while driving, he produced Intoxilyzer readings of 216 and 211, both more than double the legal level of 80.

In his sentencing, Keaney said that “some issues would have been problematic for the Crown if the case had gone ahead (in court).”

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Brennan, the attorney said, has struggled with some substantive issues but is now on the right track and working again.

“He has ambitions to improve his lot in life,” Keaney concluded. “From all signs, he has his act together.”

As a result of the impaired driving, the Crown dropped other charges Brennan was facing.

Assistant Crown attorney Jamie Rivard said while there may have been problems with the case, drunk driving is a danger not only in Sudbury, but in other Ontario communities.

“Impaired driving is fatal,” she said.

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