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This company wants to end the AI-powered voice calling threat to users: here’s how

By Vaseline May31,2024

AI-based voice calling scams have become a major problem across the world and Truecaller claims that it has the best weapon to tackle the menace and prevent you from getting scammed. The platform has been working on a feature called AI Call Scanner, which as the name suggests, will scan for these scam calls using its AI-powered technology.

People fall for AI-powered calls that are difficult for the layman to discern, so it’s crucial that these types of features are available to a wider audience.

Truecaller AI Call Scanner: How It Works

The company has developed an AI model that can analyze the voice in these calls. Truecaller claims that the monitoring is done in real time and shared with the user within seconds. The call analysis is done using the AI ​​technology that listens to the recordings of the call for a few seconds and provides the user with details about its nature.

The AI ​​Call scanner only does its job when you tap the bar located directly below the caller’s name in the Truecaller dialer interface. The company claims to have followed its AI model to specifically monitor these calls for specific characteristics of an AI voice call that will sound different from human voices.

The platform will understandably pack this AI feature into its premium model, and currently it’s only coming to the Truecaller users in the US, while India and other countries will get it in the coming months. Judging by the sophistication and accessibility of the feature, it will only work for Android users and we don’t expect Apple to open its arms to Truecaller even if the feature is actually useful to millions.

Voice calling has become a dangerous and easily available weapon for bad actors, which has affected many people lately. Caller ID helps when you receive spam calls or a possible contact not added to your list. However, AI technology makes these calls sound real, so you need AI to reduce the threat of the technology.

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