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Video shows road crash in Wakefield, witness chasing driver

By Vaseline May31,2024

WAKEFIELD – An apparent case of road rage ended in a crash in Wakefield on Wednesday. The Ring Doorbell video shows the two drivers speeding in a neighborhood before crashing where children regularly play in the streets.

According to police, the drivers were charged with endangering a vehicle.

The piercing sound of screeching tires sent Victor Oliveira running from his house Wednesday afternoon.

“I’ve lived here for seven years, there’s never been an accident like this,” Oliveira said. “Honestly, it was just adrenaline. I ran outside and had no reaction other than everyone was fine.

Police say it started on Route 128, with the two drivers arguing across the road, before it ended on Salem Street.

Road accident in Wakefield
Two cars crashed in an apparent road rage incident on Salem Street in Wakefield.

CBS Boston

When the white SUV crashed into the fence across the street, neighbors said the black car sped away. Then Oliveira jumped into his wife’s car and followed the sedan.

“I don’t know what happened to me, but I went after him, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t a bad person running from something stupid,” Oliveira said.

He says the driver left tire tracks in a business parking lot, then ditched the car and left on foot; Oliveira did the same.

“We’re jumping fences and hitting metal poles,” Oliveira said.

He eventually caught up with the driver until police arrived.

“While I was on the phone with the police, I told him, ‘There’s no point in running away if you don’t have anything on you, just stay put.’ Eventually he stopped and it turned out that he was a nice guy and that he was normal.” scared and nervous,” Oliveira said.

Victor “The good boss”

Still, it’s a big risk for Vic to pursue the man, so why did he do that?

It helps to know that Vic is no stranger to trying to help. Here he has a large following as ‘The Good Boss’, who helps homeless people and struggling addicts.

Vic was featured on WBZ’s Changemakers segment for his charity work.

“I just like to do good in life,” Oliveira said.

Police say the drivers were not seriously injured, and looking at the damage, the homeowners say it’s a blessing their children weren’t in the backyard at the time of the accident.

“Think before you act,” Oliveira said. “I know we take immediate action when something happens, but try to take a moment and think about the consequences because that could have been someone’s life.”

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