Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Woman gave birth to child in bus, camera footage went viral

By Vaseline May31,2024

In Thrissur, Kerala, a woman gave birth to a child on a moving bus. After delivery, both the newborn and the mother would be safe. It is said that after the woman went into labor, the bus staff acted very sensibly and took the bus to the hospital. By the time the bus reached the hospital, the woman had already given birth to the child.

A woman gave birth to a child in a moving KSRTC bus traveling from Thrissur to Kozhikode. Both mother and child are safe after delivery. It is said that the woman and her husband were going from Thrissur to Thottilpalam. During this time, the woman gave birth to a child in the moving bus near Peramangalam.

According to the information received, a 37-year-old woman was traveling with her husband in a running KSRTC bus from Thrissur to Thottilpalam in Kozhikode on Thursday afternoon. During this time she started having contractions. The man immediately informed the bus driver and staff. After this, the bus driver immediately changed the route and started taking the bus towards the emergency department of Amala Hospital in Thrissur.

In addition, the bus staff informed the hospital about this. By this time, the woman had reached the final stages of labor. All passengers from the bus were then ordered to disembark and by the time the bus carrying the woman reached the hospital, she had given birth to the child. Even after the child is delivered on the bus, both the mother and the child are safe.

Delivery in the bus before you reach the hospital

The woman gave birth to the child on the bus before reaching the hospital. After this, the doctor and nurse immediately took the mother and newborn under their observation and told them that both are safe. Both were then immediately taken to hospital. Neither of them has any health problem.

The bus staff showed understanding

It is said that this was all possible at the initiative of the bus staff. The bus staff made the right decision at the right time. He immediately changed the route and took the road to the hospital and then also informed the hospital. So that all preparations could be done in advance in the hospital. Only then was a safe delivery of the woman possible.

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