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SAFA referee suspended for life

By Vaseline May31,2024

SA Football parent organization SAFA has stripped the referee, who was recently accused of soliciting bribes, of his authority and handed him a life ban.

If FARPost Earlier this month it was reported that Percy Murei was suspended along with his two assistant referees for allegedly asking for a bribe of R1800.

The trio allegedly approached a club official and asked him to pay each of them R600 to help him win a match. An accusation that Murei denied to this publication.

“I picked up my fellow match officials from a local garage before the match. My assistant Vhuhwavho’s mobile phone kept ringing while we were on the road and he was communicating with a person only he knew,” he said at the time.

“It wasn’t until later that he asked me to go meet someone in a Ford Ranger. He asked me to pack outside the road. He requested us to park next to that specific car. But I refused and he got out of the car and spent ten minutes there.

“The owner of the club then bumped into my car. He asked me how much he had to pay me to manipulate the results.”


SAFA Vhembe’s disciplinary committee has since imposed several sanctions on several match officials during the association’s recent disciplinary hearings.

SAFA referee suspended for life
Percy Murei

In a statement released on Thursday by the association’s regional secretary, Sam Matodzi, the three officials were among five punished for various acts of misconduct. The other official is Refelwe Molepo, who has been suspended for one season.

(Molepo has been suspended for) testifying as a witness against the league in a case involving Napoli FC and Shonisani FC,” SAFA Vhembe said in a statement.

“Mr Mashudu Matshipi has been suspended for the next football season 2024/2025. His suspension also applies for testifying as a witness against the league in a case involving Napoli and Shonisani.


Assistant referee Vhuhwavho Mathuli has been suspended for two seasons (2024/2025 and 2025/2026). For his participation in match fixing and/or soliciting bribes prior to the match between Vuwani United Academy and Masakona Real Citizens. Another assistant referee, Malima Rivhathihi, was also given a two-season ban for the same offence.

Unlike Rivhathihi and Mathuli, Murei received a heavier punishment for the offense he allegedly committed.

“Barred for life from participating in football activities under the auspices of SAFA. As a referee or as an assistant referee,” SAFA said.

The region has recently been marred by controversy, with some officials seeking FIFA intervention.

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