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South Rand Hospital celebrates International Nurses Day

By Vaseline May31,2024

South Rand Hospital celebrated International Nurses Day in their ward on May 28.

Various stakeholders gathered in the hall to celebrate with them. The program director was Tshekedi Monyemore. The theme this year was: “Our nurses, our future, the economic power of healthcare”.

Program Director Tshekedi Monyemore. Photo: Lucky Dusi

Welcoming the guests, the CEO of the hospital, Simphiwe Gada, said while many activities were celebrated in May, they also celebrate International Nurses Day.

CEO of the hospital, Simphiwe Gada. Photo: Lucky Dusi

“The immense contribution made by the nursing profession ensures that our healthcare system continues to thrive and life expectancy increases. We know the history of where we come from: at one point life expectancy was low in this country. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes and hypertension are the number one killers in our community. It is thanks to the contributions of nurses that we can make serious progress in this regard.

Entrepreneur Mpumi Mpama. Photo: Lucky Dusi

“In 2020, the country faced a very serious challenge from Covid-19. Today we gathered in this room without wearing masks. And this is once again attributed to the hardworking nurses. When Covid hit schools and police stations they all closed, but it was the nurses, the doctors and all the healthcare workers who didn’t have the option to close. We celebrate that.

Various stakeholders in the celebration. Photo: Lucky Dusi

“All this was made possible by the discipline and dedication of nurses to their country, South Africa. The patriotism shown by nurses and other healthcare workers is what brought us to this day,” he said.

Speaking about the purpose of the day, Mahudu Tebela, a nurse at the hospital, said the day is celebrated on May 12 to commemorate the birthday of the nurse’s mother, Florence Nightingale. She was born on this day in 1820.

She was a social reformer, a statistician and a founder of modern nursing.

Nurse Mahudu Tebela. Photo: Lucky Dusi

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