Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

79-year-old black woman from Alabama graduates and earns bachelor’s degree

By Vaseline May31,2024

Nationwide — Angerline Day, a 79-year-old Alabama woman, recently proudly graduated from college after four years of hard work. “I don’t give myself an expiration date on anything,” Day said WHITE.Day, who retired from JCPenney, decided that retirement did not mean the end of her learning journey. With a desire to continue learning and giving back to her community, Day began her educational journey.

Day had always wanted to study psychology, but couldn’t afford it after high school. She enrolled at Alabama State University but had to drop out due to financial constraints.

Now, with the support of her sons, Day finally got the chance to make her dream come true.

“He said, ‘Well, Mom, I’m not going to give you a Christmas present. I’m not going to give you a birthday present, so how about I send you back to school?” Day recalled.

Over the past four years, Day has worked hard to earn her degree, completing her studies from the comfort of her own bedroom. Despite encountering challenges with technology along the way, Day remained determined to succeed.

“I love reading. That’s no problem, I do the assignment, but now I have to put it into this computer. How on earth am I going to do that?” Day said.

Although there were moments of doubt, Day refused to give up.

“The feeling of failure came up, and I have to do this for myself. This is the last chance. I’m going to do this,” Day said.

Her perseverance was rewarded. Day proudly graduated from Troy University. She hopes her story inspires others who feel like their time has passed or who struggle to see a bright future.

“Life is there because I’m probably close to the end… and I have to grab it as much as I can while I can,” Day said.

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