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How Premier League teams qualify for the Champions League and Europa competitions for 24/25

By Vaseline May26,2024

It kept getting forgotten as we always write and talk about the battle for a place in the top four, but the new format of the Champions League – which will change to a ‘Swiss model’ next season – meant there was a good chance that plays five clubs from England in the Champions League.

36 clubs will participate next season’s Champions League instead of 32 and two of those extra four places will come from the best performing countries in 23/24,

In five of the last six seasons, the Premier League would have been awarded an extra spot – which would go to the team in fifth place. But actually the Premier League teams have messed up this season and the extra places now go to Italy and Germany.

The four best teams from the Premier League thus qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. They do not play in the qualification. Nothing to see here.

What about the other European competitions?

Europa League
There are two Europa League places to be won. One is among the highest ranked players not playing in the Champions League. Obviously a finish in the competition that seemed to yield a Champions League place, but will not do so now can only be occupied by Tottenham and that is very rightly the case.

The other European spot goes to the winners of the FA Cup. It was widely expected that Champions League side Manchester City would lift the trophy again, moving that spot to sixth in the competition instead. But eighth-placed Manchester United stunned Pep Guardiola’s side at Wembley to book their European ticket alongside Spurs, leaving Chelsea in trouble. the…

Europe Conference League
In addition to all the soft drinks they can drink, the Carabao Cup winners will also get a place in the play-off stages for the Europa Conference League. Liverpool are in the Champions League and so do not need the place they secured after beating Chelsea, who take the place anyway – and the quite significant concerns about the FFP – as it returns to the highest ranking player in the Premier League, which is otherwise not the case in Europe.

Newcastle needed a Manchester City FA Cup win to secure European football again, the poor scoundrels.

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2024/25 Premier League European Qualifiers
Champions League: Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Aston Villa.
Europa League: Tottenham and Manchester United.
Conference competition: Chelsea.

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