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Three co-founders of brand and communications agency Quotient quit to start their own business

By Vaseline May31,2024

New Delhi: Marketing communications firm Quotient Ventures, which houses companies like Tilt Brand Solutions and Vector Brand Solutions, has announced that three of its directors, T. Gangadhar, Shriram Iyer and Rajiv Chatterjee, have resigned to start their own ventures. They will serve their notice period until the end of June.

Tilt is a brand and communications consultancy and Vector is a creative agency that works with early-stage online businesses. The company has customers in the e-commerce and retail, finance and technology, consumer goods, automotive, sports and entertainment, and health and wellness sectors. It has partnered with companies like Bank of Baroda, Blinkit, CoinDCX, Dream11, Duroflex, Fitpass, Flipkart, Swiggy and others.

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Before his year-and-a-half stint here, Gangadhar was CEO for Asia Pacific at GroupM-owned EssenceMediaCom. Iyer, on the other hand, who co-founded Tilt and had been with the company since 2018, also held positions as national creative director at Mullen Lintas. Rajiv Chatterjee, who was also co-founder and Group Chief Growth Officer here, has also held leadership positions at companies such as MullenLowe Lintas Group and J Thomas & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Joseph George, Founder and Group Chairman, who had started this venture in 2018, said Iyer and Chatterjee have been with the company since its inception and have been instrumental in its development. Gangadhar recently joined in 2023 but has been instrumental in managing key clients and planning the company’s future growth. “They will remain professionals whom I deeply respect, and so I not only wish them all the best, but also look forward to working with them in their new venture. Our activities and momentum will continue uninterrupted, supported by a strong and committed leadership team,” he said.

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