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By Vaseline May31,2024

One person was killed and three were taken into custody after a shootout involving a group of suspects who opened fire on police and federal agents in a Miami Gardens neighborhood late Thursday, officials said.

The shooting happened near Northwest 27th Place near 163rd Street shortly before 11 p.m.

Officials said Miami Gardens police officers and officers with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives conducted joint surveillance in the area in response to recent violent incidents, including a wild shootout involving suspects with high-powered weapons that were caught on camera.

The officers and officers heard gunshots and responded to the scene. When they arrived, a group of suspects opened fire on them, officials said.

At least two police officers and one ATF agent returned fire, striking and killing one person, officials said.

“Unfortunately, some individuals discharged firearms at detectives in Miami Gardens, as well as at some of my officers. Gunfire was returned, one individual was struck and unfortunately deceased,” said ATF Miami Special Agent in Charge Christopher Robinson.

Three other people were taken into custody. Officers found two weapons at the scene, police said.

Officials have not identified the person who was killed or the people in custody.

“We don’t take this lightly,” Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt said. “If people are brazen enough to shoot at our officers and commit violent crimes here, they will be dealt with accordingly.”

No officers were injured and police say there was no ongoing threat to the community.

Noel-Pratt said the officers and officers were part of a proactive element in the area following the violent incidents.

On May 15, surveillance video captured a high-powered gun battle that shook a Miami Gardens neighborhood.

The incident was targeted and gang-related, the police chief said at the time.

Noel-Pratt was asked if the people in Thursday night’s incident could be linked to the May 15 shooting.

‘There are no indications of that. However, we have found at least two firearms near the body of the deceased and therefore, as I have said before, we do not take this lightly and if people feel that they can come here and are bold enough to do this commit violent crimes and target our law enforcement officers, we will deal with them accordingly,” she said.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article identified the deceased as a suspect. Police have not confirmed whether the person played a role in the shooting.

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