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OpenAI makes these paid ChatGPT features free for all users – Technology News

By Vaseline May31,2024

After receiving criticism for the use of ‘her’ voice for the latest version of GPT 4o, OpenAI has recently made some major updates to ChatGPT. ChatGPT will reportedly offer the previously paid voice features to all users for free.

It seems that after the debate surrounding the GPT 4o ‘voting controversy’, in order to improve user accessibility, ChatGPT will release its voting features. In addition, ChatGPT will discontinue the platform’s ‘Sky’ voice option.

ChatGPT updates you can’t miss!

“All ChatGPT Free users can now use browsing, vision, data analysis, file uploads and GPTs,” OpenAI tweeted.

Reportedly, the voice chat feature, which was initially exclusive to paying subscribers, will be free for all users. The new plan aims to democratize advanced AI tools so that more users can experience AI-powered conversations without a financial barrier.

As far as we know, the new feature will support a hands-free operating mode. This does not include volume limits and is based on device settings.

The way forward!

The new feature allows users to make voice calls directly from their devices. The new feature is believed to be quite similar to Siri by “enabling easy initiation of voice chats via a simple tap on the headset icon in the ChatGPT app.”

ChatGPT will also focus on removing the ‘Sky’ voice feature following user feedback and legal considerations regarding its similarity to celebrity Scarlett Johansson’s voice.

With these updates, OpenAI looks to push the boundaries of what AI can offer the general public. “OpenAI has ensured that all users, regardless of subscription status, can now access and use voice features, which was part of a broader initiative to make more advanced tools available to a global audience,” OpenAI explained.

OpenAI’s current initiatives look to not only improve ChatGPT’s functionality, but also reflect a strategic pivot toward more inclusive and accessible AI. OpenAI’s initiative to offer previously paid features for free and address ethical concerns aims to be a leader in responsible AI development.

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