Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Early season lawn care tips

By Vaseline May31,2024

Welcome to our weekly podcast with longtime garden writer and author Jeff Lowenfels of the Anchorage Daily News and co-host Jonathan White. It complements Jeff’s weekly ADN gardening columns and his popular book series.

This week, Jeff and Jonathan dive into essential early season lawn care tips. Fresh off a 26-hour weekend of yard work, Jonathan shares his experience with aerating his entire lawn and testing the soil. Jeff emphasizes the importance of trimming your lawn, even if you plan to grow it into a pasture.

Did you know that lawn mowers are major polluters? Jeff suggests mowing one less time each month to benefit the environment and encourages listeners to get creative with their mowing patterns.

The discussion shifts to the abundance of dandelions in Southcentral Alaska, which reminds gardeners to consider the sun’s axis when setting up greenhouses or planting gardens.

The guys close by answering a listener’s question about the benefits and uses of liquid kelp in gardening.

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Hosts: Jeff Lowenfels and Jonathan White. Created by Eva Philips.

This podcast is a collaboration between the hosts and the Anchorage Daily News.

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