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Mikel Arteta must turn good seasons into more silverware

By Vaseline May26,2024

I didn’t watch the FA Cup final yesterday.

Harlow Garden Center was too sunny and peaceful. By the time I did some shopping, grabbed some fresh lemonade and a piece of cake and got home, it was already half time. At that moment all I wanted to do was sit in my garden and relax.

Manchester United won, depriving us of a visit to Wembley in August.

Although I don’t consider the Community Shield a relevant trophy, it’s still nice to have a semi-serious pre-season match at Wembley where we can all meet, shake off the cobwebs and prepare Here’s to the next nine months of sunshine.

Now that Man U have achieved victory, the question becomes whether they (and Liverpool) are having a better season than us.

I remember in 2020 we finished eighth and failed to win a trophy. Those outside the club continued with the narrative that we had a bad season. Meanwhile, us fans didn’t care. We had a day out and won a trophy.

And imagine if this is the same for Man u fans today.

They don’t care that they finished 8th, 31 points behind their local rivals. All that matters is that they won the FA Cup. And the record books only remember the winners.

So while we may have sat there mocking Man U’s poor season, in the end they won a trophy and we didn’t.

Although I am delighted with the progress we have made under Mikel Arteta – I don’t think some of our critics realize how bad the situation the club was in before the arrival of him and Edu – we have finished without a trophy for the fourth time . consecutive season.

I’m not going to jump on Arteta’s back, just like I didn’t jump on Arsene Wenger’s. But there is some concern that we could be following Tottenham’s route in mid-late 2010.

Tottenham finished 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, made 3 semi-finals and reached the Champions LEague final from 2016 to 2021, but ultimately won nothing. All the progress we’ve made over the last 24 months will mean nothing if we don’t start winning trophies.

Now I’m not saying I’d rather finish eighth and win an FA Cup. What we need to do is start collecting trophies while maintaining the title challenge. That way, even if we finish second, we can still end the season with some glory.

I’m sure the silverware will come. And as we continue to raise the ceiling and floor of the squad, we should be in a better position to compete on four fronts.

The consequence of Man U winning the FA Cup means that Chelsea will only qualify for the Europa Conference (they will probably win it) and Newcastle will have no European football. That could see some of their stars look elsewhere for European football. Could it open a door for Arsenal to sign a Bruno or Isak? Who knows.

We have done excellently this season. But now we have to compete in the league and win trophies at the same time.

Today the She Wore Shop celebrates its 10th anniversary! Don’t know where the time has gone…

For those who don’t know, the shop started three weeks after I lost my job in 2014, with the last £50 we had left in the account buying 50 badge pins and hanging a yellow ribbon on them for the 2014 FA Cup Final. .

They sold within minutes, so we ordered more and more…

A lot has changed in 10 years. Items that were impossible to make in Britain can now be made the same day. Our clothing is still made to order and may therefore take longer.

We’re still nowhere near Amazon’s speed level – and also rely on Royal Mail rather than having a fleet of our own drivers!

I still use the same clothing supplier who made our very first polo shirts and he has become a good friend. Over the last few years we have both been through some very dark times, but we have built a great friendship and supported each other.

The store never made us a fortune. The car is 9 years old, we still count the pennies at the end of the month and the children have never had a holiday abroad. The mortgage is paid on time and the children participate in their sports clubs, play way too much PlayStation and are happy. And that’s what’s important.

None of this would have been possible without your support and support. We’ve all seen the meme about shopping local, and how you pay for someone’s children’s ballet class, karate, and school uniform. That’s exactly what you do when you buy something in our store.

I am grateful to all of you. Whether you have purchased something once or are a regular buyer. Even just an RT, Like or Share means the world to me.

As a thank you, everything in the shop is 10% discount today and tomorrow. No code needed, discount will be applied automatically at checkout: She Wore Shop

Enjoy a great Bank Holiday weekend! Thanks again.


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