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13 Indians have been successfully rescued and repatriated from Laos

By Vaseline May26,2024

Vientiane, May 26 (IANS) The Embassy of India in Laos on Sunday said it has successfully rescued and repatriated 13 Indians, including seven Odiya workers from a timber factory in Attapeu province and six Indian youths from the Special Economic Zone of the Golden Triangle in Attapeu province. Bokeo province of the Southeast Asian country.

“So far, the embassy has rescued 428 Indians from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. We thank the Laotian authorities for their cooperation,” the embassy said in a message on X.

Stating that ensuring the safety and well-being of Indians remains its top priority, the embassy also advised Indian workers coming to Laos/Lao Democratic Republic of Congo not to be misled by fake or illegal job advertisements.

Earlier this month, the embassy had issued an advisory detailing recent cases of Indian nationals being lured to Laos via Thailand for work.

“These fake jobs are intended for positions such as ‘Digital Sales and Marketing Executives’ or ‘Customer Support Service’ by dubious companies involved in call center scams and cryptocurrency fraud in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos. Agents in places such as Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore and India, associated with these companies, recruit Indian nationals through a simple job interview and the typing test, and offer high salaries, hotel bookings, return flights and visa facilitation,” the advisory said.

It added that victims are illegally brought across the border from Thailand into Laos and held captive to work in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos under harsh and restrictive conditions.

“Sometimes they are held hostage by criminal syndicates who indulge in illegal activities and are forced to work in harsh conditions under constant physical and mental torture. In some other cases, Indian workers have been brought to Laos to work in other regions of Laos in substandard conditions. -cost jobs such as mining, timber mills, etc. In most cases, their handlers exploit them and endanger them by doing illegal work,” the advisory said.

The embassy advised Indian nationals not to be lured and ensnared by fraudulent or exploitative job offers and requested them to exercise utmost caution and verify the antecedents of recruitment agents and any company before accepting any job offer in Laos.

“Visa on arrival in Thailand or Laos does not allow employment and Lao authorities do not issue work permits to Indian nationals coming to Laos on such visas. Please note that those convicted of human trafficking crimes have been sentenced to 18 years in prison in Laos,” the advisory warned.

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