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Is McDonald’s microwave its bacon for burgers and sandwiches?

By Vaseline May26,2024

Have you ever bitten into a juicy bacon burger from McDonald’s and felt like you sunk your teeth into a piece of salty leather? You might wonder if McDonald’s microwaves the bacon for its burgers and sandwiches. The honest answer seems to be a clear ‘sometimes’.

Although McDonald’s is known for its delicious breakfast sandwiches and burgers, getting one with chewy bacon instead of crispy can be a real turn-off. Pulling on the bacon with your teeth can tear the biscuit or bun, creating a mess and ruining the entire sandwich. McDonald’s employees do Real microwave his bacon? We thought maybe someone should just ask the employees.

After attempts to speak to someone at McDonald’s over the phone were met with “No comment,” we here at Mashed looked for answers via social media. Here’s what we learned from chatting with several self-described McDonald’s employees and former managers. In general, employees agree that the proper protocol is to reheat the pre-cooked bacon on the grill, but when things are rushed and the grill is full, some employees use the microwave.

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The responses seemed confusing

McDonald's employee with food bagMcDonald's employee with food bag

McDonald’s worker with food bag – Yaoinlove/Shutterstock

McDonald’s website claims that the bacon is already cooked when it is delivered to the restaurant, and that employees reheat it in the ‘ovens’. Still, most employees we surveyed insisted that the correct way to heat bacon per McDonald’s procedure is to place the frozen circle of pre-cooked bacon on the grill to “crisp it.” When business is rushed and the grill is full, some employees “get away with it” by using the microwave, according to former manager Mike Walsh.

Former employee Rachel Hiltabidel has cleared up the confusion between microwaves and ‘ovens’. She explained that some time after the 1990s, McDonald’s began using a so-called “Que-in Oven,” similar to a microwave, in its stores. Hiltabidel said that despite being called an oven, it is still not intended to be used for bacon according to McDonald’s procedure.

If McDonald’s occasionally only uses microwaved bacon for its breakfast sandwiches and burgers, that could explain why some customers are so happy with the meat on the menu, and others swear it’s the consistency of a belt. Knowing how to microwave bacon properly can help ensure it turns out crispy and delicious, even moving McDonald’s from number nine to number one on our fast food bacon rankings, from worst to best.

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