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Barcelona may have chosen a backup player over Xavi

By Vaseline May26,2024

Barcelona made headlines again by sacking , to resign.

What led Barcelona to change their minds and raise critical eyebrows in the football world by pushing another club legend out the door?

The answer may have to do with a backup player who Xavi didn’t get games and who Barcelona probably really wanted to see on the pitch often.

Last winter, Barcelona signed one of the most highly rated young players in Brazil, forward Vitor Roque, for a price of around 31 million euros plus bonuses.

The 19-year-old arrived at Barcelona ahead of interest from other top European clubs, making him their biggest signing in years as Barca struggled to keep up with rivals Real Madrid in that area.

Barcelona saw Vitor Roque as an important part of the rotation as a striker in his first half of the season, but even at the end of the season, with LaLiga already lost, the new signing struggled to find minutes.

In total, Roque played just 304 LaLiga minutes and earned a paltry two starts for the Blaugrana, which is clearly not what Barcelona had in mind for the young player when they bought him for €31 million.

Vitor Roque’s agent threatened to request a permanent transfer from Barcelona at the end of the season – not even a loan – when it was clear Xavi would not play him even though the club had nothing left to play for .

Not long after, rumors of Xavi leaving the club resurfaced, and Barcelona took the ultimate step by sacking the legendary midfielder.

It may seem dramatic to suggest that Barcelona fired Xavi because of Vitor Roque, but it may have been the final straw and a serious overarching concern about acquisitions outside the academy.

Barcelona wants to become a bigger world power and does not want to miss out on top players like Lucas Bergvall to Tottenham. By treating Vitor Roque this way and seeing him request a transfer after just half a season, the club risked sending a bad signal to future signings.

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