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Kyle Larson Indy 500-NASCAR Live Results: Updated Race Rankings, Highlights from 2024’s ‘The Double’ Attempt

By Vaseline May26,2024

Few motorsports stars have the resume that Cup Series stalwart Kyle Larson possesses.

With the No. 5 pick for Hendrick Motorsports, Larson has accomplished more than the average 31-year-old, even by NASCAR standards. He is a 25-time race winner, Cup Series champion and member of NASCAR’s list of top drivers.

On Sunday, he will look to pull off an even more impressive feat: He will become one of only four drivers to complete the Memorial Day Double.

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Larson will compete at both Indiana Motor Speedway for the Indy 500 and Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Coca-Cola 600, one of NASCAR’s crown jewel races.

John Andretti, Tony Stewart, Robby Gordon and Kurt Busch are the only drivers to lead their modest horses through both races on the same day. Only Stewart – a former IndyCar and Cup Series champion – was able to finish both races on the first lap.

Larson is every bit as formidable as he is in the cockpit of a stock car. Does such a skill translate to open wheels? Time will tell.

The Sporting News will follow live updates from Larson’s attempt at the Indy 500-Coca-Cola 600 double. Follow below for highlights, live results and more as Larson tries to claim gold on two of American racing’s top sites.

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Kyle Larson live updates, results, highlights from the Indy 500-NASCAR double

(Always Oriental.)

4:30 in the afternoon: Tonight’s race at IMS ends at 500 miles or 8:15 p.m., whichever comes first. Worth mentioning for Larson purposes, if nothing else. For the sake of his Coca-Cola 600 chances, he hopes it’s the former.

4:20 PM: The patios feature numerous Hendrick Motorsports celebrities, including four-time Cup champion (and racing icon) Jeff Gordon. He takes it all in.

4:10 PM: There is a lot of interest in Larson’s bid for glory in the halls of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. All eyes are on number 17 for this.

16.00 hours: Larson is still on track to complete the Coca-Cola 600, according to the NBC broadcast.

3:47 PM — Here is the full revised schedule for the Indy 500, including the start time and pre-race ceremonies:

3:20 PM — The Indy 500 has a new start time 4:44 PM ET. Drying of the track is underway, but if all goes well, IMS hopes to start the race at that time and get it in before more rain falls later in the evening.

3:00 PM — Larson plans to stay and run the Indy 500, as The Athletic’s Jeff Gluck reports. He will miss the start of the Coca-Cola 600 and will need a playoff exemption from NASCAR to compete in the postseason.

Odds are Larson wouldn’t run the Indy 500 without knowing he could get the waiver, so it seems unlikely NASCAR will exclude its points leader from the postseason.

2:24 PM — If Larson decides to race in the Indy 500 and cannot make the Coca-Cola 600, Justin Allgaier would be his backup driver. Given the rain in Indianapolis, it appears Allgaier will get a chance to race in Charlotte on Sunday.

2:04 PM — The gates at IMS have reopened as lightning has cleared the area around the circuit. Track drying will begin soon, and that could put the race on track for a 4:00 PM ET start.

1:24 PM — It looks like the rain will be over by 2:00 PM ET. Brian Neudorff – who provides weather forecast analysis at

If true, it would end Larson’s dreams of completing the double, as he would have to leave Indianapolis around 4:00 PM ET to reach Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600.

12:52 pm — It’s raining in Indianapolis. Even if the storm doesn’t last long, Larson’s chances of hitting the double are slimmer because the track will need time to dry once the rain stops.

12:40 — Lightning has officially been spotted in the area near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That will slow down the race even further and make it much more difficult for Larson to ride “The Double” on Sunday.

12:08 pm — It doesn’t sound like Larson is too concerned about the delay at the Indy 500. He plans to race at IMS regardless, as he told NBC during pre-race coverage:

“I think our plan is to keep this as a priority,” Larson said. “I would race here.”

Larson went on to say that he was “a little disappointed” with the rain, as he wants the rain to either fade the race or not come at all.

“I would say there is a worst-case scenario happening, which is particularly unfortunate,” he added. “But hey, at least we’ll get somewhere on the right track today, so that’s exciting.”

11:52 am — The start of the 2024 Indy 500 has been delayed by lightning in the area. It’s not yet clear when the race will start, but Larson’s time to travel from Indianapolis to Charlotte will certainly shrink. The only question is how long the postponement will last.

11:15 am — Larson’s efforts to complete “The Double” could be hampered by rain at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The track is monitoring a storm cell approaching the track around noon, which could impact the event’s scheduled 12:45 PM ET start time.

The race has not yet been postponed, but if it is, Larson’s chances of making it from Indianapolis to Charlotte after the Indy 500 will likely decrease. The good news is that after the afternoon cell, the heavier rain in Indianapolis is expected to continue until later into the night, so IMS may be able to start the race.

Kyle Larson Indy 500 Results

Indy 500 results will be posted at the end of Sunday’s race at the Brickyard.

LIVE: Follow Indy 500 standings updates from the 2024 race

Kyle Larson Coca Cola 600 results

The Coca-Cola 600 results will be announced at the conclusion of Sunday’s race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

How to watch the Indy 500

  • Time: 12:45 PM ET
  • TV channel: NBC
  • Livestreams: NBC Sports | Peacock | Fubo

Coverage of the 2024 Indy 500 begins at 11 a.m. ET on NBC. The drivers will be introduced at 11:47 a.m., “God Bless America” ​​will be sung at 12:21 p.m., the national anthem will be sung at 12:24 p.m. and “Back Home Again in Indiana” will be sung at 12:36 p.m. E.T. At 12:38 PM Roger Penske will give the command to start the engines. Seven minutes later the green flag is waved to start the race.

Those wanting to watch the race can find it on NBC. It is also streaming on NBC Sports, Peacock and Fubo, which offer a free trial.

How to watch NASCAR in Charlotte

  • Time: 6:00 PM ET
  • TV channel: Fox
  • Livestreams: Fubo

The 2024 Coca-Cola 600 airs at 6:00 PM ET on Fox. Mike Joy will be there for all the action of the race, lap by lap. He will be joined by former Cup Series stars Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer.

Cable cutters, have no fear! The race is also offered on Fubo, which offers a free trial.

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