Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Weil Arcade Food Park adds more fun to Hillsboro’s new Food Cart Hot Spot

By Vaseline May26,2024

It’s only been three weeks since the Weil Arcade Food Park opened, and it looks like business is on the up! The Saturday farmers market has drawn crowds who have sampled the delicious food from the food cart owners that have opened so far. At full capacity, the park has 10 or 11 carts. Owner Jay Weil could have designed a much larger and sleeker setup, like so many recently opened pods. But Weil told the Herald he is focused on a high-quality environment, the best carts of food from around the world, and a fun environment.

“We want to be the living room of Hillsboro where the food brings you to historic downtown Hillsboro, and where you stay and enjoy our food park and the city. There are so many great things here, so we will focus on making sure people have a great experience and hang out when they come here.”

The living room has fun things to do while people eat and enjoy all the great food. This weekend people can try driving Destroy the bull. Yep, he’s a real old-school Urban Cowboy bull with a safety pad to protect those who don’t stay put! There is also music on certain days, and as summer arrives more fun things will happen.

Watch Buster being taken for a ride here –

What about the food? Well, our offices are right across the street, so we’ve tried them all. The food is as good as anything you’ll find on the Westside – that’s all I’ll say or should say as we review and visit many eateries.

Here are the amazing men and women who have set up their food carts so far – and boy, are they killing it all! Check them out!

Fertie’s BBQ

Cocina Mexico Lindo

Kin Thai twist

Mama’s Schwarma

Dhaba Indian cuisine

East Coast Eddie’s Philly Cheese Steaks

Available soon –

JJ Sushi And Pork

The food is great, and Jay is right. This is the best place in Hillsboro to gather, eat, shop or just relax! Come by and discover it for yourself!

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