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TikToker facing double murder ‘snapped’ after finding woman with another man

By Vaseline May26,2024

Ali Abulaban, a TikToker on trial for the double murder of his wife and her alleged lover, admitted he “snapped” after finding his husband with another man. It was also revealed during the trial that the woman had texted Abulaban hours before her death: “I want you out of my life.”

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According to NBC San Diego, 32-year-old TikToker Ali Abulaban is on trial for the murder of his 28-year-old wife and the child’s mother Ana Abulaban and her alleged lover, 29-year-old Rayburn Cardenas Barron. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the double murder that occurred on October 21, 2021. If convicted of the double murders, the TikToker could spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole .

As testimony wrapped up at the double murder trial, the jury heard a shocking confession from the suspect and an equally shocking piece of evidence left by one of his alleged victims hours before the incident.

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During his trial, Abulaban testified that he suspected his wife had been cheating on him for months. So when the TikToker walked into their apartment one day and allegedly saw her “cuddling” with another man, he “snapped.” He said he was “in the passenger seat of my own body,” adding: “I couldn’t bear the damn betrayal.”

Prosecutors say Abulaban secretly recorded his wife’s interactions with another man using their five-year-old daughter’s iPad. On the day of the double murder, the TikToker admitted that he “snapped” and drove to the apartment, speeding while high on cocaine. Once inside the apartment, prosecutors said he shot his wife and her alleged lover three times in the head and that after the shooting he called his mother, confessed to the killings and sent her a photo of the bodies.

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Abulaban said, “I didn’t expect Ana to ever do this to me. (Barron) of all people. She knew how I felt about him.” After the shooting, he said he left the apartment, picked up his daughter from school and admitted to her, “I hurt mommy.” He added: “I tried to believe (Ana). I tried to believe that she wasn’t cheating on me, that she was going to let me deal with this because I was sick. I struggled with drugs and mental illness.”

Recalling the double murder, he said, “Before I could stop myself, I just snapped. My gun was in my hand and the next thing I shoot I can’t stop. I’m just shooting. I’m shooting. I’m even scared. It’s like I’m in the passenger seat of my own body. I can’t stop it. I hear Ana screaming and crying. I don’t even remember shooting Ana. I remember running back to the front door and grabbing the door handle, and then I said, “Did that just happen?” And I turned around and I see her, she had to lean forward and there’s blood. I couldn’t believe I did that.”

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Just days before the double murder, prosecutors said Ana Abulaban told her TikToker husband to leave their apartment after repeated arguments about infidelity, accusing him of sleeping with another woman in their apartment building. Abulaban denied the claim of cheating but admitted in court that he had hit her during one of these arguments.

While Abulaban testified that his wife made empty threats of divorce out of anger and was unclear about reconciliation, prosecutors argued that it was clear the couple’s marriage was dysfunctional and abusive and that the woman wanted a separation. Prosecutors added that TikToker’s wife texted him hours before the double murder: “I want you out of my life once and for all.”

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