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Msu Student: MSU student transforms barren land into garden | Vadodara News

By Vaseline May26,2024

Vadodara: A student’s thesis has helped MS University get a beautiful landscape. An MSc research student has converted a completely barren plot of land into a garden that will help the future generation of students, faculty and staff connect with the green environment on the university campus. Under the leadership of Dr. Urvashi Mishra had student Krishna Jayeshkumar Pradhanani take up the project to develop 13 functional and aesthetic elements for the garden of the Family and Community Resource Management department of MSU’s Faculty of Family and Community Sciences. “We have considered about 4,200 square meters of land that was previously barren for the project due to its proximity to the faculty canteen and department library, making it convenient and useful for students at large,” said Mishra, assistant professor. Once the land was identified, Krishna planned the detailed layout of the garden using software, while also preparing detailed drawings of functional and aesthetic elements. “My approach was to focus on the balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal,” said Krishna, who later designed all the elements, sourced raw materials, cleaned, processed and painted. “To promote the concept of sustainability, reuse and recycling, all elements developed are from waste and second-hand materials,” says Krishna, who has incorporated a bohemian theme that she says would stimulate creativity, free thinking encourage and create new ideas. a welcoming atmosphere, which promotes outdoor education and collaboration between students and teachers. From benches made of concrete and granite slabs, seats made of second-hand tires, container seats made of food crates, swings made of rope and tires, fencing made of electrical conduits, plastic can planters made of chemical plastic jugs, the garden also features murals, wall hangings with plants (made from paint cans) and bamboo tree cloths, bulbs and DVDs and CDs. Interestingly, the student incurred an expenditure of around Rs 47,000 for the development of the garden. “It was my own contribution to the development of my department and faculty that supported me enormously. Gardens within educational institutions offer multiple benefits,” she said.

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