Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Asylum seekers in hotel near Bristol say ‘food is not suitable for an animal’

By Vaseline May27,2024

Asylum seekers have told BristolLive about appalling living conditions in a hotel near Bristol. They have documented the circumstances of what they say: poor food, a lack of hygiene.

Some residents, including families, have been waiting for more than a year for their asylum applications to be processed. While people wait to see if they can be granted refugee status, they are not entitled to work in Britain and are paid £8 a week to cover costs.

Several residents have commented on the food, stating that it is not ‘fit for an animal’ to eat. They claim the salad is unwashed, old rice is mixed with new, and the chicken is not cooked properly.

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One person currently staying at the hotel, who we are not naming, said that after two months of staying there he has lost 10kg and has been given nutritional supplements by his doctor because of his underweight.

Another said he had previously been able to access a community kitchen nearby and do local volunteer work, which is no longer possible in the remote area where the hotel is located.

Although there is a bus that takes residents into Bristol city centre, it ends at 5pm and does not always run regularly throughout the day. The difficulty of traveling means people are sometimes stuck for hours after attending a 10-minute appointment.

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