Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Bee Cheng Hiang agrees to 1-for-1 exchange after customer found bak kwa ‘super hard’

By Vaseline May27,2024

One man was so disappointed with the “super hard” bak kwa he bought from Bee Cheng Hiang that he wrote to the company about it. Stub Tanning also sent a copy of the email to Stomp. He said he bought the grilled meat on May 17, but wouldn’t specify where it was, only that it was in the east. “I made my family try two pieces. They were so ‘chao ta’ (charred) and so hard,” said the Stomper, who shared a video of someone tearing a piece of bak kwa with an audible click to show how hard it was used to be. .

“We were surprised. It was freshly cut bak kwa, but it didn’t seem freshly grilled.” The Stomper added that Bee Cheng Hiang staff told him the food could be kept at room temperature for seven days. “We couldn’t imagine what it would taste like if we tried it on the seventh day after leaving it at room temperature,” Tan said.

He also suspected that he received less than the amount of bak kwa he paid for. “The aunt did not show me the weight of the bak kwa before packing,” the Stomper claimed. “I felt that the weight seems light. I am really very disappointed that Bee Cheng Hiang is such a big brand name, but still the quality was not there at all.” On May 24, Tan Stomp let us know that after his feedback, he wanted to work as a seller on Bee Cheng Hiang to do a one-on-one exchange for us. This time the staff showed the Stomper the weight of the meat.

“During the process, she added that this batch of bak kwa was specially selected for me,” said Tan. Stomp has contacted Bee Cheng Hiang for more information.

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