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Ministry of Education “Request for investigation from three medical colleges to carry out class actions similar to class refusal and absenteeism”

By Vaseline May27,2024

▲On the morning of the twenty-seventh, when the University Council was held to debate the revision of faculty guidelines to expand the diversity of students at Chonbuk National University Medical School, professors and students of the medical school held indicators at the entrance from Chonbuk. The National University Headquarters needs the rejection of the revision of the varsity guidelines. (yunhap information)

The Ministry of Education has asked the police to analyze three universities after receiving stories that coercive acts were committed against the organizing groups, which appeared to be boycotting courses, which is inconsistent with the expansion of medical colleges.

Shim Min-cheol, director of expertise coverage planning at the Ministry of Education, stated at a regular meeting of the Ministry of Education held at the Sejong Government Complex on the twenty-seventh: “On the twenty-fourth, we received a report that there is coercion of joint movement on three universities, so all three universities requested an analysis from the police. “

It is reported that every three medical colleges for which research has been sought are outside the city area. Forced collective motion for medical students includes conditions where students are required to publicly verify that they have not completed all programs offered online, or students are detained in a certain room and forced to submit an explanation of the type of absence. There was also a report that the checklist of scientists who had signed up had been made public, which did not immediately put pressure on students who had not signed up.

Organizing director Shim said: “There are many medical students who need to return to class, but it is understandable that they cannot return due to the collective tension of various students.” To prevent students from coming again sooner or later, we ask the police for an analysis.

Although the revision of the faculty guidelines to replicate the expansion of the medical colleges was rejected or stopped in some universities, it was discovered that the revision of the faculty guidelines was carried out in 21 of the 32 universities where the number of students of the medical schools was large. Planning director Shim emphasized: “There are eleven universities left, but we expect the majority of them to replace their faculty guidelines this week, including: “If there are any locations whose faculty guidelines are not up to date even after May 31 date are, , we intend to get them organized to straighten them during the specified interval.

As for leaving for medical students, they are adamant that they will not allow it. Planning Director Shim stated, “On the twenty-third, we sent an official letter to forty universities asking for cooperation: ‘Please do not facilitate the union break earlier.’ “We have informed them that it is completely forbidden to allow this,” he stated.

They also emphasized that there is still room for repetition of numbers in teams. Planning director Shim stated, “Because every college uses a versatile teaching system, the deadline for figuring out grade repetition is the end of the semester or the end of the educational year.” .

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