Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Potential disaster averted on Konkan railway line near Udupi, railway manager rewarded

By Vaseline May27,2024

Udupi: A potential disaster was narrowly avoided on the Konkan Railway near Udupi on Sunday morning, thanks to the vigilance of railway manager Pradeep Shetty. At 2:25 am, Shetty discovered a defect in the weld between Innanje and Padubidri and immediately reported the defect, preventing a possible train accident.

The track defect was quickly rectified and a track suitability certificate was issued at 5.58am with a speed restriction of 20 km/h. Santosh Kumar Jha, Chairman and Managing Director of Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL), appreciated Shetty’s quick action and announced an immediate cash award of Rs 25,000. The award was presented to Shetty later in the afternoon at the restored track.

According to KRCL officials, the Karwar-bound Panchaganga Express was held at Nandikur Station, about 9 km south of Padubidri. At the same time, the Netravathi Express on its way to Thiruvananthapuram Central was held up at Innanje. Officials observed that a Railway Maintenance Vehicle (RMV) was summoned to Padubidri for track repair work.

Train number 16345, the Mumbai LTT-Thiruvananthapuram Central Netravathi Express, would depart from Udupi at 3 am, while train number 16595, the KSR Bengaluru-Karwar Panchaganga Express, would pass through the affected section around 4 am on Sunday.

Both trains remained stationary until the track defect was repaired.

Sudha Krishnamurthy, the public relations manager at Konkan Railway, confirmed that train services resumed after the track was certified for safe operation, albeit with the speed restriction. However, the cause of the track defect has not yet been disclosed by Konkan Railway officials.

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